Famous Instructor And Ski Celebrity.

Here’s a picture of one of skiing’s most famous instructors, demonstrating the equally famous comma position.  This might be an easy one for many readers who have been around skiing for a while, like since the early 60s. Heavy hint: He just had a birthday.

Last Week

Yes, it’s the famous Air Car, a sui generis tram that operated at Mt. Snow, VT, from around the mid-60s to the mid-70s. It “flew” directly over Fountain Mountain, connecting the Snow Lake Lodge to the ski area. Legend has it that Mt. Snow developer Walt Schoenknecht had back problems and didn’t like taking off his skis.  So the Air Car, along with the Bubble Chairlift, accommodated him and, we bet, lots of other skiers.  Skis-on “gondolas” were an innovation, and Walt was a leader in coming up with ideas like the Air Car and Bubble Chair that made Mt. Snow unique.

Here’s another view of the Air Car in operation. Do any readers remembers taking the Car? What was it like?


  1. John Barclay says:

    Doug pfeiffer

  2. jean pubilee says:

    toni sailer

  3. While the grey matter does not recall the instructor, it is interesting to observe that the images do not show him making beautiful left and right ‘comma’ turns. It is actually one or the other.

    Note that the logo on his parka is on the right side in the first pic, and then the left side. Since most logos are on the left side, I think that he is making a right turn.

    Also, check out the relative positions of the mountains in each pic. They could only be the same if he was not moving.

    Somebody flipped the negative. 😉

    Clearly I have too much time on my hands today…LET IT SNOW

  4. Csthie Judge says:

    Doug Pfeiffer

  5. PJ ~ Paul Jenick

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