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Here’s a photo taken on Oct. 20th this year, right after a wicked Nor’Easter hit the East Coast. Obviously, the top of this resort got a dose of white. But, where is it? What resort? Why is this especially good news for the operators?

This one should be easy for lots of readers. Thanks to a friendly pilot for passing this along.

Last Week: Dancing, Where?

Some excellent guesses. There’s probably a good story behind each one, harkening back to the days of disco lights, beer, and bands. Ah yes, memories.

You might say one ski resort bar/dance floor looks like all other ski resort bar/dance floors. This one, however, is unique.

Nu Gnu, Vail, CO, circa late 1960s/

This is the Nu Gnu which opened during the late 1960s as one of Vail Village’s first rock ‘n’ roll bars and one of Vail’s original iconic libation locations. In 1967, Paul Ross Johnston moved to Vail and founded the Nu Gnu. Paul, former mayor of Vail and owner of the Christiania Lodge, manned the door every night with a handlebar mustache and a fishnet shirt or a feather boa and a painted head, explains the Vail Daily. The Nu Gnu was a perfect apres-ski night spot.

Thanks to the Colorado Snowsports Museum for the picture and Dana Mathios, Curator and Director of Collections, for the description. Consider supporting our precious ski and snow sports museums as they are the only stewards of the winter sports history.

Rock and roll is here to stay!


  1. Avatar Mark Desmarais says:


  2. Avatar kenneth a soule says:

    Most Likely Killington VT. ???++++

  3. Avatar Chic lasser says:

    Killington vt

  4. Avatar L. J. Budnick Jr. says:

    Killington, Vt

  5. Avatar Steve Massee says:

    Killington, VT. Saw it myself last weekend while visiting.

  6. Avatar Norm Reynolds says:

    It’s been well over 30 years since I’ve been to Killington, but that was my guess before seeing that everyone else made the same pick.

  7. Avatar Paul Remillard says:

    Beautiful KILLINGTON!

  8. Definitely Kilington! Lived there for many, many years and although I now live in Colorado, I would move back in a heartbeat.

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