Where? Significance To Skiing?

There was a road to a famous early ski resort somewhere on this mountain.

Thanks to the Alf Engen Ski Museum for sharing this dramatic photograph.

Last Week

Early days at Steamboat Springs. Each of two sleds held ten skiers. This unusual lift served Howelsen Hill in the mid 1940s. If anyone knows the back story of this “lift”, please let us know.

Thanks to the Tread of Pioneers Museum at Steamboat Springs for contributing this picture.


  1. Avatar George Karlsven says:

    This is mt supreme and the road to Alta in LCC

  2. Avatar Frank Hirai says:

    It is Mount Superior in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah opposite Snowbird and Alta. It is a major avalanche area that often closes the road.

  3. Avatar George Karlsven says:

    Hi Frank

    thanks for correcting my mountain name. I have been skiing alta for 50 years and had a senior moment (LOL!) re the name.


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