This Is A Challenge. Hints Below.

He was on Bob Beattie’s 1964 US Ski Team. He later worked for Head Ski and Lange Boots. Do you know who he is? Put your guess in the comment box below.

Last Week

Thanks to ski correspondent Dave Irons for supplying last week’s picture and this description:

“John and Joe Luc Roy Jr. got it right away.  Pleasant Mountain in Bridgton (now Shawnee Peak) is Maine’s oldest continuously operated ski area starting with rope tows in 1938.  In 1951 they built Maine’s first T-bar which is in the picture. The T-bar is long gone, but you can still ski the lift line, a narrow run lined by trees. The base lodge has expanded and is more than triple the original size. The lake in the picture is the real give away. Moose Pond is 13 miles long and provides the area with unlimited water for snowmaking, something many areas envy. 

Sorry Marilyn, although my association with Sunday River is well known, we skied Pleasant Mountain in the fifties before Sunday River opened in 1959. We switched to Sunday River because as we were living in South Paris it was an easier drive, and Pleasant Mountain had become known for lift lines.  That’s no longer the case, with two top to bottom triples, a quad and another triple for beginners.  For more on the area, my book, Shawnee Peak at Pleasant Mountain is available on Amazon, and at Shawnee Peak. How’s that for a shameless plug?  I’ll try to answer any questions about the area.” 


  1. jean publiee says:

    jimmy huega

  2. Kathe Dillmann says:

    Rip McManus

  3. Dennis A Grunbeck says:

    Rip McManus – agreed

  4. kenneth a soule says:

    That correct. With Marker Simplex toe binding,I believe. The first releasable binding. ? Not sure of the ski,but I think he ski on Kestle?

  5. Denny Hanson says:

    Rip McManus. I also worked for Head & Lange.

  6. Dr. Gretchen Rous Besser says:

    Rip McManus, yes. “A member of the 1964 U.S. alpine ski team and since director of racing and product manager for the Head Ski Company, director of marketing for the Lange Company, McManus became a marketing consultant to the Olin Ski Company, Inc.”

  7. Jonathan Landers says:

    Jimmie Huega my ski hero

  8. Rip McManus
    I met Rip at Portillo in 1955 and then again in Boulder in 1962. Rip was dryland training with the CU team in 1962. I then met him again when I was working for Head in 1966-68. I then moved to Lange in the Fall of 1968. So, this makes Rip one of several of us that worked for both Head and for Lange. The other notable member of this club was Ian Ferguson. Ian moved from Head to Lange in during 1969 to head up the production of the Dynamic/Lange production in Broomfield CO. Rip was definitely one of the most fun people to be around. He is dearly missed!

  9. Wayne Ferguson says:

    Toni Sailer

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