That’s A Big Hint.

He sure looks like a rugged dude.  Considering what he did for a living, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn he was a thorough outdoorsman.  Do you know who this is? Where he hung out? What he did for a living? Our bet is a lot of our readers know who this is.

Last Week

Two jumpers? Looks like a long time ago.

This photo comes from the archives of the Tread of Pioneers Museum in Steamboat Springs, CO.  The scene is Hot Sulphur Springs, CO, and the date is 1913.

The following description is from Katie Adams, curator at the Tread of Pioneers Museum.  We thank her for this explanation.

“Carl Howelson, “The Flying Norseman,” who introduced skiing and ski jumping to the West, emigrated to the US from Norway in 1905 and settled in Colorado.  When in Denver, he met new friends who shared an interest in ski jumping and cross-country skiing. Some of those friends, specifically Angell Schmidt and James Presthus, traveled with Howelsen and helped organize some of the first ski clubs and the first Winter Carnival event in Hot Sulphur Springs. The purpose was to gain appreciation and enthusiasm for skiing, and Howelsen knew the best way to do that was to amaze the crowd. He had experience with this as a performer for Barnum & Bailey Circus. He convinced the best ski jumpers he could find to come to Hot Sulphur Springs, to Inspiration Point in Denver, and to Steamboat Springs to dazzle the crowds. As part of putting on the show, jumpers would perform dual or twin jumps, two people jumping at one time. This picture is one of those crowd-pleasing dual jumps, and it probably (but I can’t confirm for certainty) is Carl Howelsen and James Presthus. So, the short answer to why two men jumping: for the razzle and dazzle.”

A great source referenced for this article: “The Flying Norseman” by Carl’s son Leif Hovelsen. The Tread of Pioneers Museum in Steamboat Springs is a center for the history of not only Steamboat, but also the Rockies, Colorado, and the West.  In addition to skiing, many different aspects of pioneer life and culture are preserved and displayed.

When we researched the background for this photo, we came across a more modern attempt to ski as a duo.  Here’s a report on the World Record first-ever tandem ski jump.  We’re not sure why people do this, probably for a bit of “dazzle” like Carl, but when it comes to challenges, there’s always room for one more.


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  1. Great ski museum in North Conway, NH. Exhibits change every few months.

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