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If you’ve skied this…structure, tell us your story. Where, why?

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Feb 1941. Ski Jumpers.

This iconic image is of seven great ski champions from the past.  All have been inducted into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and are regarded as SkiSport Legends.  The image comes from a early 1940s clipping Alan Engen included in his donated ski history, four volume scrapbook series, The Engen Skiing Dynasty.  The books currently reside in the University of Utah J.Willard Marriott Library Utah Ski Archives. 

The photo was taken in Sun Valley, ID at the base of the old Ruud Mountain Ski Jumping Hill in February 1941.  In the photo are, left to right:  Corey Engen, Barney McClean, Sverre Engen, Gordon Wren, Alf Engen, Torger Tokle, and Art Devlin.  Not long after this photo was taken, the great ski jumper, Torger Tokle, went into the military service, joining the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale and ultimately lost his life in combat during WWII.  Torger and Alf father were two of the greatest U.S. ski jumpers of that time period.



  1. Paul Remillard says:

    Snow lake at Mt. Snow. Last half of the 1960’s into early 70’s.

    • Paul Remillard says:

      There was a fountain in the lake that ran 365 and all winter it piled up this enormous hill of snow and ice and they would ski on it into June.

  2. Norm Reynolds says:

    Is it Bachelor?

  3. John Valente says:

    Mount Snow back in the day?

  4. Rebecca Royston says:

    It’s Mount Snow. You can see Snow Lake Lodge in the background to the left of the big bump. I have skied Mt. Snow since the 70’s but this thing predates my early days. I read about it on the history tab of Mt. Snow’s website where there is also a link to a video about the founder. They made this thing for several years in the 1960’s.

  5. Michael T Pearson says:

    Hiked up and skied “The Cone” at Mt Bachelor in 2014.

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