Who Is This And What Is He Best Known For?

Let’s see if you can identify this skier who blazed some very impressive trails back in the 40s and 50s.

Hint: He was also a pilot.











Last Week

We are frequently impressed by the deep knowledge our readers have on the personalities and history of snow sports.  This week, we were blown away by the several contributors who absolutely nailed the story behind this famous picture.  Well done, readers.

Here’s the story: In 1206 AD, a Norwegian king died and left his baby son, Hakon Hakonsson, as heir to the throne. To protect the infant from enemies, two skiers carried him through treacherous winter terrain to safety in Lillehammer. Their rescue is commemorated every year in the 54=kilometer Birkebeiner race, named for the birch bark gaiter they wore to protect their legs.

Thanks again to the New England Ski Museum for the painting and caption. Congratulations to NESM for opening its new facility in North Conway, NH.


  1. Seth Hannah Please excuse my spelling

  2. Make that Sel Hannah

  3. Marius Eriksen (steins older brother) he became an actor. He was a fighter pilot during the war.

  4. Michael Sapienti says:

    It’s Markus Ericsonn

  5. John Emery says:

    I’ll go with Michael & Brad based on his looks.

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