The Face Of Intensity.

Here’s the first of our Mystery Glimpse feature for this new season. We post a picture from snowsport’s past and you guess who the person, place, or thing is. Write your response in the Leave A Reply box below.  If you know any details about the photo or the situation, let us know.

Here’s a racer whose name you should be familiar.

Credit: Ski History Magazine



  1. Stephan Lanfer says:

    Clearly Dick Durrance

  2. Agreed. Looks like a Dick Durrance ski stance

  3. norman morin says:

    Dick Durance is my guess

  4. Can you imagine him on modern gear? I have a pair of skis from that era and I assume the nubs on the tips are to keep them from splitting apart.

  5. Jan Brunvand says:

    An action photo on p. 21 of John Jerome’s book The Man on the Medal (1995) shows Dick Durrance wearing the same outfit. The caption says it was taken in the 1930s. It is credited to Ellis Chapin who is identified on p 54 as the other photographer working with Dick at Sun Valley in the ’30s. Dick autographed my copy of the book at a signing in Salt Lake City right after it came out. I wish I had brought a camera with me, as Alf Engen also showed up that day, and the two skiing greats bantered and joked around for a while.

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