Flippin’ Clown.

This should be easy for some old timers.  Who is this guy? What’s his back story?

Thanks to the amazing historic ski photo archive at Peak Resorts for this pic.

Last Week

This is Linda Meyers and Buddy Werner in April, 1963.  Linda competed at the 1960 and 1964 Winter Olympics. In 1960 she tumbled in the downhill event, but completed the descent and placed 33rd; she failed to finish the giant slalom. In 1964 she placed 12th in the slalom and 30th in the giant slalom.

Meyers grew up in Bishop, California, near Mammoth Mountain, and took up skiing following Jill Kinmont Boothe. Besides Olympics she competed at the 1958 and 1962 World Championships and finished fifth in the combined event in 1962. After retiring from competitions she coached skiers in Colorado.

Buddy Werner was a top US ski racer, retiring from racing after the 1964 games. He was killed in an avalanche while filming a ski movie in the Swiss Alps later that year.

[Note: This Mystery Glimpse was updated, correcting the identity of the woman skier.]





  1. Lee Hall Delfausse says:

    So sorry but I believe the woman in that picture is Linda Meyers who also skied with Buddy in the Olympics.
    Lee Hall Delfausse

  2. I believe this is Top Hat Jackson, the original ski bum in Aspen Colorado. I remember seeing him on several visits to Aspen.

  3. My guess is Rudi Wyrsch, known as the Clown Prince of Skiing.

  4. I believe the girl/ woman with Buddy is Linda Myers from Mammoth Mountain, not Barb Ferries Henderson.
    Please check it out and ask Barb for confirmation.

  5. Mike Bannon says:

    I also think Rudi Wyrsch. I think for some time connected with Mt. Snow VT and than later with Pleasant Mt. (now Shawnee Peak) in Bridgeton, ME

  6. Cathie Judge says:

    Also guessing Rudi Wyrsch…once on the cover of “Skiing” Magazine dressed in top hat and tails. Can’t find a copy right now but probably a spring issue.

  7. It is Rudi. I worked for him at Jiminiy Peak.

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