What’s The Story Behind This Statue?

Why is it so important to the Colorado Snowsports Museum?  Who is the artist?

Last Week

The Fountain Mountain at Mt. Snow, VT was the subject of last week’s mystery. According to Mt. Snow’s Jamie Storrs, the Fountain was switched on for the first time on January 18, 1965

When Mount Snow’s founder, Walt Schoenknecht, saw something he simply must have, he built it. In this case, it was the fountain that shoots out of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. From that seed, Fountain Mountain is born.

Fountain Mountain, a 350-foot geyser out of Snow Lake, is powered by twin Westinghouse 600-horsepower pumps that shoot 3,000 gallons of water per minute straight up through three Worthington centrifugal pumps.  It was said to be the largest man-made geyser ever built.  Back in the day, Governor Phil Hoff was on hand to launch Fountain Mountain.

During the winter, Fountain Mountain erupts 24/7 and as the water freezes, a giant ski hill is formed. The hill is large enough to hold races; a rope tow transports skiers to the top. Fountain Mountain lasts into the summer months and, since 1969,  is the site for summer race camps in June.

Alas, the Fountain Mountain was shut down when the energy crisis of the early 70s drove the costs of running it out of sight.

Swimming at the foot of Fountain Mountain, circa 1964. Credit: Mt. Snow


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