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You Can Probably Guess Where, But Who’s The Artist?

Many thanks to the New England Ski Museum, North Conway Branch, and Executive Director Jeff Leich for letting SeniorsSkiing.com use this beautiful water color.

Last Week

Credit: Thad Quimby, Peak Resorts

Yes, Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee.  And the location is Fountain Mountain, Mt. Snow, VT., probably during a photo shoot.

A major skiing celebrity,  Suzy is a former Olympic alpine ski racer and actress. Following her racing career, she modeled in New York with Ford Models and then became the pre-eminent freestyle ballet skier of the early 1970s. She is perhaps best known by the nickname, Suzy Chapstick, from the 1970s, when she was a spokesperson for ChapStick lip balm.

She was inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame in 1988.

As a social activist, Chaffee championed Title IX legislation (equal opportunity for women in school sports). She was the first woman to serve on the board of the U.S. Olympic Committee, and has been a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness under four U.S. presidents. She was a co-founder in 1996 of the Native Voices Foundation, an organization that seeks to develop Olympians from among Native American tribe.

Suzy combined two great skills: Ballet and Skiing,  becoming a key player in the free-style movement back in the 1970s. She also was a pioneer in the fitness craze, writing a book about fitness, and remaining committed to athletics and exercise long into her career.

Suzy embraced skiing and ballet to provide a foundation for freestyle.




  1. danno in SLC says:

    if one doesnt know where that watercolor painting comes from,
    one has never been to NH (or skied wildcat)

    • danno in SLC says:

      but no, i dont know who painted it (since the NE ski museum in nconway was established after headed west… all the way west, as in aloooooHA west)

  2. Elaine Stockbridge says:

    I work at the New England Ski Museum, so I know who! Come on in and you will know too!

  3. Peter Doucette says:

    I am guessing Dwight Shepler.

  4. Patricia Gottshalk says:

    Going with Wyeth, but now which one….Andrew.

  5. Looks like Tuckerman’s and I second the Dwight Shepler vote.

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