Our Next Mystery Photo Is Someone Who Became A Ski Celebrity.

If you think you know who you think this guy is, write your guess in COMMENTS below, just scoll down. We’ll reveal the answer next week.

Credit: SKIING Magazine

Last Week’s Mystery Glimpse 

This is Olympian Picabo Street as a young racer.  Thanks to the Alf Engen Ski Museum in Ogden, UT, for picking this out of its archives for us.

Picabo Street is an American former World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist. She won the super G at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano and the downhill at the 1996 World Championships, along with three other Olympic and World Championship medals.  She was also a heart throb for a lot of men and boys who followed her during her competition. [Wikipedia]

We remember a news clip from coverage of one of her Olympic races. It said that in the midst of a medal run, she gave herself some encouragement by saying,”Come on, come on, come on.” That mantra stuck with us as a useful way to kick oneself into another gear whenever circumstances seem to warrant. She became an inspiration to hundreds of young women ski racers. Thanks, Picabo.


  1. Hope S McLaughlin says:

    Jean Claude Killy. Perhaps focused, not unhappy.

  2. Mike Bannon says:

    The hat, the goggles, the jacket all say Jean Claude……however the facial expression pout seem to display displeasure that the course setter would place a hairpin gate in that place

  3. I agree Jean Claude

  4. Hiller Hardie says:

    The hat is “Killy esq” so I will agree with that guess

  5. Lee Hall Delfausse says:

    Jean Claude Killy memorizing a slalom course in Aspen; he was that intense. He won the race.

  6. Richard Clemens says:

    Agree J.C. Killy!

  7. Susie Greer says:

    Jean Claude Killy

  8. Vicki Kechekian says:

    Maybe Alberto Tomba?

  9. Karl Schranz, after he was told he was not a pure amateur by FIS. He became the world’s scapegoat in world sports.

  10. Janet Armstrong says:

    jim McConkey in Utah

  11. Jean Claude in The Zone

  12. John F Ferguson says:

    I guess Killy too.

  13. I’ll go against the grain and say Toni Sailor

  14. craig sears says:

    Jean Claude, who else!

  15. Norm Reynolds says:

    Tony Sailor? The clothes are right timing.

  16. Kelly watch him ski in pro races at Aspen Highlands, when I was a ski instructor there.
    Great skier.

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