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Silver And Gold Belongs To…

We stopped at the wonderful New England Ski Museum in Franconia, NH, the other day to check out their current exhibit on the 10th Mountain Division and the veterans who contributed to the ski industry.  Another small exhibit contained the medals of a famous Olympian, and since we are currently in the midst of the Pyeong Chang games, we thought we’d carry the Olympic theme forward and ask you to identify who these belong to and the events they represent. Please place comments below. Note the New England Ski Museum is about to open a brand new branch in North Conway on Feb 26. Keep growing NESM.

Medals. Whose?

Last Week

Thanks Vermont Ski And Snowboard Museum

Yes, indeed a hand warmer powered by lighter fluid. And as a commenter pointed out, put a flaming gizmo in our pockets to keep us warm? Ahhh, sure.

And yes, Zippo still sells a version of this. An original is considered a collectible to some.

What made reading the replies interesting was how many commenters noted they remember their fathers using this unusual device.  In fact, I remember my dad using this to keep his hands warm at Aqueduct race track where he played the ponies in the middle of winter back in the 50s.  I remember the little flannel bag and the draw string it came in.  Since I was a kid at the time, it was off limits for me.

According to Google, this was called a Peacock Hand Warmer that was made in Occupied Japan circa late 1940s to 1952.  Apparently, some GIs brought these home with them and others turned up in Army-Navy stores.

Many thanks to the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum for contributing this memory.






  1. John Silverman says:

    Bode!!! (Bode Miller)

  2. NH native Bode Miller

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