Most areas have turned off the lights on ’16-’17.

Scree Skiing in Haiming, Austria

Nonetheless a few places in North America are still operating. They include Blackcomb Mountain, Snowbird, Mammoth, Squaw Valley, Mt Bachelor, and the place that skis 12 months a year, Timberline Lodge.

Over the years I’ve heard about sand skiing. The following are associated with sand boarding, but I’m sure if you want to try skis, you won’t be turned away: Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, Mosca, CO, Sand Master Park, Florence, OR, Silver Lake State Park, Mears, MI, and Marina State Beach and Dunes Preserve, Marina, CA.


Proof that more than one person has done it.

If you’ve really got the itch and are in the vicinity of Haiming, a small town 45 km west of Innsbruck, you might want to try scree skiing. Apparently, some hardy locals don their Kevlar ski suits, use skis with big rockers and make turns on a surface that makes you yearn for New England ice. No lifts to our knowledge, but we did hear that they’re discussing a celebrity ski race with who else but Sharon Stone.


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