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For Baby Boomer skiers, low impact and low torque are the keys to more runs per day and more pleasurable skiing in general.

With the exception of the occasional kamikaze, older skiers want to remain in control on all types of terrain. And they want have a good time and look good when skiing with spouses, kids, and grandkids.

Boomers learned the sport when teaching techniques and equipment required considerable athleticism. They learned to react quickly with joint jarring rotational and up and down movements and excessive exertion when correcting for changes in balance and preventing falls.

Recognizing that old techniques can damage older bodies, even those in good shape, Seth Masia, longtime PSIA instructor in the Vail Ski School (and a member of the Advisory Counsel), developed an instructional approach to help aging skiers change their ways. He teaches the technique in the three-day Ski Younger Now workshops offered throughout the season.

The technique is presented in a new, free, illustrated eBook developed with “9 Low Torque, Low Impact Ski Tips Every Senior Skier Needs to Know,” is available for subscribers.  To download the book, go to Community in the top navigation bar, click on Subscriber-Only Content, confirm your email address, then find the eBook, click on it. You will be downloading a PDF file.

Masia studied how older bodies, without risk of injury, could navigate a variety of terrains gracefully and more slowly. His new instructional approach takes into account skiers with artificial hip and knees.

He uses a straightforward retraining progression that reduces rotational stress on the knees and lower back. The approach shows skiers how to utilize gravity, terrain, and ski shape to do the work when initiating turns. Similar principles work for controlling speed.

When successfully implemented, each turn is a continuous and predictable arc, requiring less effort and minimizing stress and potential sprains.

The first day of each Ski Younger Now workshop focuses on the nine simple steps explained in the eBook. They start with the “Patience Turn,” which allows the ski’s shape to start each turn with virtually no muscular input. Other steps include a) changing the timing and location of planting a pole to have greater control on steeps and in bumps, b) carving, buttering, or smearing skis to produce a variety of turns, c) an explanation of how to apply pressure on different parts of the inside of the boot to produce different types of turns, and d) the influence of terrain on rhythm and turn shape.

This brief and well-illustrated instructional gem will give senior skiers a new way to enjoy runs with slower, gentler, and more stylish turns. Most important, the tips should result in fewer strains and sprains.


  1. Bruce Geller says:

    The instructions to download the e-book are incorrect.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Hi Bruce,
      Please try it again. I jusrt did and it worked. Click”Community” in Menu Bar at top of page. A drop down box will appear with each of the information assets available to individuals who have opted-in (provided email address). The 9 TIPS eBook is at bottom of list. Please try again and let me know if it worked. There is some excellent info in it. We’ve had several weird issues with the site over the past several days. I think (hope) they’re finally clearing up. Your feedback will help us keep things moving forward. Thanks! BTW, where do you ski?

  2. Geoff Prescott says:

    I successfully downloaded the ebook. Planning to study it before heading out for a private lesson at Mount Washington (Vancouver Island) tomorrow. Thanks!
    Geoff Prescott

  3. Bill Tidmore says:

    I also stated sking1969 and worked hard on one edge skiing at Vail taught by Gus Gustrafson,head of Vail Ski School instrutors. I will try up hill ski edge with little toe tipping ,knee flexing and pole plants as suggested..Also nearly continual knee flexion without extension. Going to Telluride Feb.1.
    Thanks for the tips.
    Ole Rocker at 74 yrs.
    Bill Tidmore M.D.

  4. Mike Stebbins says:

    I just tried the download and didn’t get anything.

  5. Marcy Cassady says:

    No, I can’t seem to get the download either.
    Primarily NC & VT skier just back from Beaver Creek, CO

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Go COMMUNITY in top nav menu. Click on Subscriber-Only Content. Re-enter you name and email address to confirm. Select the Senior Ski Tips,download.

  6. Ralph Linsalata says:

    I signed up but I could not find the ebook on 9 tips to download.

    Will you send me the link.

  7. Ralph Linsalata says:

    I signed up but I could not find the link to download the ebook on 9 tips

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