Many Years Ago, Alta Stayed Open Late And Guess Who Showed Up?

With so many late, unexpected and unusual snowfalls this late spring, we wondered if people were still showing up.  After all, it is almost boating season.  Yet, a report last week from Faithful Subscriber Paul Remillard showed us that there are die-hards out there.  It was not always thus, apparently.

We discovered this article from an archive copy of SKIING AREA NEWS, Winter 1970.  An article by Mike Korologos describes an attempt by Alta to stretch the season by two weeks.  Unfortunately, no one showed up. “Staying open didn’t pay,” said the then area manager Chick Morton.  And that’s after spending more on promotions for those two weeks than any other comparable period during the “real” season.

Morton said he blamed the lack of spring skiing crowds to skiing patterns.  The article states that “When May Day arrives, the cry is ‘Head for the links,’ regardless of how good ski conditions are.”

That was 45 years ago.  Is it still the same today?

From Skiing Area News, Winter 1970.
From Skiing Area News, Winter 1970.

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