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Please Participate In This Short Survey From The SnowSport Safety Foundation.

[Editor Note: Daniel Gregorie, founder, SnowSport Safety Foundation, has requested the SeniorsSkiing.com publish this safety survey to its readers. We know that on-snow safety is an issue for you. Please take a minute to weigh-in on the subject by participating in this survey from the SnowSport Safety Foundation.]

Safety is a growing concern among skiers of all ages—and particularly among senior skiers. This much is evident on the pages of SeniorsSkiing.com, which has done a marvelous job highlighting the topic with excellent opinion pieces, perspectives from readers and even an original play

The topic is personal for me. I lost my 24-year-old daughter more than a decade ago when she fell to her death at a ski resort. What I learned in the wake of this preventable accident prompted me to create the SnowSport Safety Foundation. Since 2008, our  Foundation has been dedicated to advocating for changes to make ski resorts safer for the enjoyment of everyone. 

Our foundation is part of a new and growing coalition of organizations and individuals pushing for change in Colorado, the state that hosts the most skiers and boasts the most ski resorts. We are a growing coalition of skiers and riders of all ages, parents, grandparents, seniors, safety experts, and health care professionals concerned about safety at Colorado ski resorts. 

We are seeking the information necessary for skiers and riders to make informed choices about safety, identify and define opportunities to prevent accidents and reduce the severity of injuries, support measurable improvement in resort safety management, and enable public safety oversight.

Our coalition seeks to benefit from the variety of perspectives among readers to help shape an upcoming public support building campaign. Coalition partners created a brief survey to better understand the views and opinions of skiers and riders. 

Please Click Here To Complete A Brief Survey So The SnowSport Safety Foundation Can Benefit From Your Perspective.

Please submit responses by March 6. More information about our foundation is available at SnowSportSafety.org

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  1. I believe it is true that Colorado hosts the most skier visits but the last time I checked New York had the most ski areas. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Vermont also had more.

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