We just published the list of 2019 skis identified as the best for older skiers.

The 61 selected skis generally have a softer flex, which helps them engage snow with minimal exertion, allowing older skiers to turn more easily and to ski longer without tiring. Twenty-one women’s models are included.

The skis were selected during the annual national ski evaluation process organized by the renowned ski review site, Realskiers.com.

The recommended skis are grouped into six categories, each based on the ski’s width, which helps determine the terrain where its performance is optimized.

If you’re considering a purchase, we recommend first identifying the most suitable category, then skiing the selections using a demo program. This may be accomplished by working with a quality ski shop.

The categories and their characteristics follow:

  • Frontside (aka “Carving” skis)encompass the broadest range of skier abilities from entry-level to experienced. They are for use on groomed terrain. Wider models are usable off-trail.
  • All-Mountain East are versatile skis that work equally well in on-trail and off-trail conditions. This category is suitable for those who have not skied in a few years.
  • All-Mountain West are good for use in the West by high performance skiers. They are adapted for off-trail use but can be skied on-trail by skilled skiers.
  • Big Mountainare essentially more maneuverable powder skis. They are inadvisable for regular on-trail use.
  • Powder are specialty skis for use in deep powder only.
  • Technical skishave high performance race ski characteristics and are suitable for caving turns on hard-snow.

To access the list click here.

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  1. Patrick Purcell says:

    I demoed lots of skis during our winter (August 2019) in Australia.
    Close to All-mountain East category.
    I was very impressed with the new 2020 Volkl Kendo 88.
    Being 64 years old and a light (72 kg) and tall skier (183cm) I found that the Kendo was great to initiate turns, hold an edge on firm snow and soft enough to soak up the odd bump.
    It was so versatile: fun, forgiving, carving ski.
    I also loved to ski amongst the trees because it was such a good handling ski (turned when and where I wanted it to turn).
    I highly recommend that senior skiers demo the 2020 Volkl Kendo 88.
    I was so impressed that I purchased them.
    Patty Purcell.

  2. pete dalonzo says:

    Interested this winter(if possible)in joining other seniors in ski trips western states and western Canada. Plus any groups that are in Northern California that adventure monthly .
    Also, interested in used skis (or new) that you recommend for a good quality deals.

  3. Clive LABAND says:

    Good to see this topic – however almost every ski is designed to go faster, to extract performance, however I’m reaching the stage where I want something slower, that’s not designed to go faster. So how about designing a ski that tones down the speed element, maintains edge under all conditions and to an extent soaks up the bumps. I have the Blizzard Magnum 80’s both the Carbon and the Titanium versions. The Carbon of course soaks up the bumps with softer construction and piston damper, so is great for heavy snow. The Ti for icier conditions when more edge control is needed. Both are fast skis, so something to reduce that component (same way Ferrari managed with the F1 cars this year) to slow thing down a little.

    • Mary Beth Gasser says:

      Clive I am interested in knowing if you found that ski you spoke of above. A little slower ski? My husband is in the market for a new pair of ski’s. thanks

      • Clive Laband says:

        Sadly no Beth. They’re all made to tick all the performance boxes, and I have two pairs of Blizzard Magnums, the Titataniuk which is great on ice, firm packed snow and the Carbon which is a little more supple. Both have a piston damper to absorb some of the bumps, but alas they’re also pretty quick.

        Bearing in mind how much work goes into designing ever fast skis, it must be relatively easy to design in something slower that is also kinder and physically more forgiving!

  4. Douglas Haddad says:

    I am an 81 year old, 5’6”, expert level skier who started skiing 60 years on 210 length, high performance skis.
    I now ski on a 165, soft flex ski that works well on eastern groomed and “eastern” powder. My suggestion is that older skier try a ski that when held vertically reaches to their eyebrows.

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