Funny, Funny Rap About Senior Skiing.

Thanks to Lif' Ticket, whoever you are. We do put the foot rest down.
Thanks to Lif’ Ticket, whoever you are. We do put the foot rest down.

A’s Correspondent steered this our way.  A highly hysterical and insightful ode to what happens to senior skiers.  We aren’t sure who these dudes are, but, man, you have it nailed.


  1. Should be a law in every state…… safety bar down. At 77 years of age I have no need for the footrest. I do however have a big fear of heights and being in an open space with nothing to hold onto. The trend now is no bar down especially with snowboarders. Sooner or later I’m going to get into a serious argument with some kid. I’m sure the ski industry also hides any accidents or deaths from falling of lift chairs.

  2. Kathy Simpson says:

    Lif ticket has it nailed!!! This is just terrific, made my day!

  3. Peyton Morris says:

    We don’t put the foot rest down for we get off the lift and put the peddle down. I ski with those young bucks; our son and grandson.
    This was a cute little film clip. Crystal Mountain at Thompsonville, MI, has a skier 104 years young. The resort has given him a reserved parking spot.

  4. Law in Australia, always use it in the US never had a complaint

  5. Brilliant fun! In Europe we always bring the bar down & were amazed to find its not usual in Us

  6. April Umlauf says:

    That was great!! Thanks for sharing!

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