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Skiing Weatherman: A Battle For The Second Half

Skiing Weatherman: A Battle For The Second Half

[Editor Note: is asking our readers to contribute to support our online magazine. Yes, we have grown in the number of subscribers and advertisers. But our expenses have also grown. You can help us defray some of these expenses by helping us out with a donation.] Support by clicking here. ______________________________________________________ Post-Ground Hog Day Winter Looks Like A[Read More…]

by February 4, 2020 0 comments Home Top Box 4, Skiing Weatherman
This Week In (Jan. 31)

This Week In (Jan. 31)

Annual Fundraiser Starts, John Fry, Mystery Team, DV Multi-Generationals, Weather Coming, Start Drinking. If it’s Ground Hog Day, it must mean is launching its annual fundraiser. This time around, we have three levels of premiums to consider: $65: A super duper tote bag, rugged and ready for ski trips, plus patches and stickers. $35: highly coveted[Read More…]

by January 31, 2020 0 comments Features
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

This week’s column is devoted to asking you to donate to When Mike and I started the publication in 2014, we had no idea that this free, weekly digital magazine would become so popular.   Most of you are US-based, but each week, gets emailed to readers in Canada, throughout the EU, Australia, and New Zealand. It takes a lot of time and[Read More…]

by January 31, 2020 1 comment Short Swings!’s Winter Fundraiser Begins’s Winter Fundraiser Begins

We’re Asking For Your Support; Contribute And Get A Cool Premium. is in the middle of our sixth publishing year. We are gratified and proud that our online magazine has clearly found an audience that resonates with our editorial content and our advertisers. Our new Incidents & Accidents feature has clearly struck a nerve, and we will continue to[Read More…]

by January 29, 2020 1 comment Features
John Fry. Credit: SKI Magazine

John Fry (1930-2020)

Journalist, Historian, Innovator, Hall of Fame Member Passes On. [This article first appeared in Ski History Magazine. We thank the International Ski History Association for permission to reprint this memory of a ski industry legend.) John Fry, the dean of North American ski journalists, died suddenly but peacefully on January 24, two days after celebrating his 90th birthday Fry was[Read More…]

by January 28, 2020 4 comments Ski Heroes
Bear Valley Cross Country's Paul Petersen swigs water, something we should all remember to do.
Credit: Paul Petersen

Have You Been Drinking? It’s Time To Start!

Hydration and Stretching: Two Things You Must NEVER forget to do before you hit the slopes. If you’ve taken to heart the advice in a previous article of Paul Petersen, president of Bear Valley Cross-Country in California, on the best way for seniors to get in shape for skiing, you’ve developed and faithfully followed a fitness regimen focusing on balance,[Read More…]

by January 27, 2020 0 comments Conditioning, West
Blue skies, top of the world at Deer Valley. Credit: Tamsin Venn

Deer Valley: Win-Win For Two Generations

Convincing Reasons Why Two Generations Love Deer Valley. We recently returned from our annual January family trip to Utah, with our 20-somethings joining us. Utah is currently experiencing record snowfall with more than 300 inches and more on the way. Aside from snow, here are reasons why two generations love Deer Valley, ranked consistently as one of the top ten[Read More…]

by January 27, 2020 6 comments Destinations, West
Mystery Glimpse: Name That Team

Mystery Glimpse: Name That Team

Here’s A Ski Team From The Past. Can you name when? Who’s who? Thanks to the Colorado Snowsports Museum for this one. Last Week Well, last week’s photo was a challenge.  Not one guess. Thanks again to Dana Mathios of the Colorado Snowsports Museum for this description. This photo was taken at The Hotel Jerome in Aspen. The photo is[Read More…]

by January 27, 2020 3 comments Mystery Glimpse
Skiing Weatherman: Mid-Winter Preview

Skiing Weatherman: Mid-Winter Preview

Herb Is Bullish On The Second Half Of This Season. The past week has been another relatively quiet one over the eastern half of the country in terms of fresh snowfall while the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia have again been targeted with substantial new inches. The lack of snow over the Midwest and East has surprised me to a[Read More…]

by January 27, 2020 0 comments Skiing Weatherman
White Mts in background, we conquer Attitash.

This Week In (Jan. 24)

Talking To Yourself, Skis Delivered, Robert Frost, New Mystery And A Correction, Weather Coming Up, Windham Mt MidWeek Seniors. As reported in this space, the snow weather here in New England has been sketchy once a burst of fluff in early December disappeared or turned to ice. We had a miserable melt the second weekend of January with temps in[Read More…]

by January 24, 2020 7 comments Features
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

To some extent, skiing is a fashion statement. Current trends have an impact in what we wear, the equipment we purchase, and the way we ski.  Over the past several seasons, I’ve noticed skiers taking run-after-run using the same high speed, up-on-their-edges, race turns. It reminds me of the 60s when people were wedeling straight down the hill, or the[Read More…]

by January 24, 2020 8 comments Short Swings!
Windham is 2 1/2 hours from NYC and has something for everyone.

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Windham—A Gem In The Catskills

A Mid-Week Senior Program Includes Clinics, Group Lunch, Yoga, Plus. Driving from New Hampshire through Vermont to Windham Mountain in the Catskills of New York on a recent weekend I felt some trepidation as to what I would find. There had been rain, lots of it, and temperatures reaching 60 degrees over the course of the weekend. Arriving at the[Read More…]

by January 23, 2020 2 comments East, Resort Reviews
Mystery Glimpse: Crash Pad

Mystery Glimpse: Crash Pad

CORRECTION! We received several comments and emails about the identification of the woman in this recent Mystery Glimpse. The photo was provided by the Tread of Pioneers Museum, Steamboat Springs, was mis-labelled as Barb Ferries. Our observant readers saw the error and correctly identified her as Linda Meyers who also skied with Buddy Werner on the 1964 US Ski Team. [Read More…]

by January 22, 2020 1 comment Mystery Glimpse
Skiing Weatherman: Winter Is Delivering

Skiing Weatherman: Winter Is Delivering

Looks Like A Promising Couple Of Weeks. It has been a terrific week of skiing and riding in most of the U.S. and Canada and I have been lucky enough to squeeze in a couple of days. Loon Mountain on Tuesday was wonderful; miles and miles of packed powder and views of the White Mountains that are hard to beat.[Read More…]

by January 22, 2020 1 comment Skiing Weatherman
Maura Grady of Ski Butlers adjusts the bindings on Rossignol Soul 7 HD skis, one of the models the company offers. Credit: Jon Nelson

Jeeves, Bring Me Some Skis…

…And Boots. Ski Butler Service Takes The Schlep Out Of Ski Vacations.  I’ve always wanted a butler. After watching all of those episodes of “Downton Abbey,” who wouldn’t? And like the wise and efficient Carson on that popular TV show and movie, Ski Butlers offers an indispensable service, making the lives of traveling winter recreationists a whole lot easier. Ski[Read More…]

by January 22, 2020 0 comments Gear

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