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Thanks Vermont Ski And Snowboard Museum

Mystery Glimpse: Shiny Gizmo

Whatizzit? This beautifully designed object comes from the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum. What’s it for? Have you used one? When was that, by the way? Let us know.  Scroll down to add your COMMENTS below. Last Week Once again, it is clear there are some sharp-eyed ski historians out there in reader-land.  There were lots of very astute comments.[Read More…]

by February 8, 2018 20 comments Features
Editorial: Tools Of Empowerment

Editorial: Tools Of Empowerment

Why We Publish Skis And Boots For Seniors Recommendations. We don’t know the numbers in other countries, but in the U.S. one-fifth of all skiers and boarders are 52 or older. Based on reader surveys, we, as individuals, have more time, ski more often, and make more frequent equipment purchases than the kids. Four years ago, when we started,[Read More…]

by February 7, 2018 4 comments Features
Ski Host Carlan Silha is fit and fortunate to ski so many days at 74.
Credit: John Nelson

The Archetype Senior Skier? This Guy Sure Looks The Part

74 Year Old Long Time Ski Host Books 120 Ski Days A Year At Big White. Jealous? It might seem strange that an American from the Spokane area knows this sprawling British Columbia ski resort better than just about anyone. Carlan Silha has been serving as a snow host at Big White for 20 years, longer than anyone at the[Read More…]

by February 6, 2018 0 comments Destinations, International
Stuff happens.  Be ready.
Credit: The Press Christchurch

What Else Should You Have In Your Car?

Don’t Get Stuck Without This Extra Safety Gear. Now that you have “The Box in the Back,” (see previous article) what else do you need to carry in your car? The list, strangely enough is short, but the items are necessary. The first four should be in your car all year round, not just the winter. So, without further ado,[Read More…]

by February 5, 2018 2 comments Features
This is uncrowded. Nice.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Beaver Mountain—Utah’s Least Known Is A Delightful Surprise

The “Beav” Has All The Goods But No Crowds And No Fanfare. For most vacation-seekers, Beaver Mountain falls off the radar because it’s farther than the 10 resorts that are within an hour’s drive from the Salt Lake City International Airport. Beaver is about 100 miles—less than 2 hours from the airport. Nobody knows about Beaver Mountain. Actually, lots of[Read More…]

by February 5, 2018 1 comment Resort Reviews, West
Ski resort version of Ground Hog Day? Is the moose trying to tell us something?

This Week In (Feb. 2)

Mid-Winter Is Here, Re-Discover Snowshoes, New Mystery Glimpse, Steamboat Museum,’s Own Poem, Tribute To Warren Miller. By Ground Hog’s Day, winter is half over. As we have noted before, you’d better have at least half your woodpile left.  At least that’s if the Ground Hog sees another six weeks of winter ahead.  It could be another six weeks of[Read More…]

by February 2, 2018 2 comments Features
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

Unless you’re riding with people you know, ski lifts are public places, and conversational topics should reflect that. At least, that’s how I view the 8 – 12 minute ride with people who, if nothing else, have the sport in common. But experience shows that others may not share that sensitivity. How else to explain the ride on a triple[Read More…]

by February 1, 2018 3 comments Short Swings!
Modern: Light, durable, inexpensive

Lovin’ Snowshoes

‘Shoes Have Come A Long Way.  Have You Looked Lately? Back in 1971, when I transferred winter affections from downhill to Nordic skiing (due to a spectacular fall in Austria that racked up one knee and stripped off my ski suit—but that’s another story), I also tried snowshoeing. After all, cross-country skis and snowshoes were both made of wood and[Read More…]

by February 1, 2018 0 comments Gear
Mystery Glimpse: A Hot Time On This Hill

Mystery Glimpse: A Hot Time On This Hill

See If You Can Name The Race In This Old Picture. Hint: circa 1969.  Perhaps you know the name of the race this fellow is in and what makes it special. Put your best guess in the COMMENTS section below. Extra credit for naming an unusual chap who won the same race in earlier years and what the circumstances were.[Read More…]

by February 1, 2018 14 comments Features
Billy Kidd, first American to medal in Alpine skiing, has lived in SBS since 1970. Here he is at 20.
Credit: TOP

Tread Of Pioneers: A Blast From the Past

Quaint Museum Reveals Steamboat Spring’s Rich History. In 1947 an AP dispatch to 1,000 daily papers dubbed Steamboat Springs, Colo., “Ski Town, USA” with the declaration that of its 1,700 residents, 1,685 were skiers. The others were children under the age of one. Enthusiasm for skiing run deeps in this town. And you can learn all about it at The[Read More…]

by January 30, 2018 2 comments Ski History
Poet D.Michael Kingsford receiving the muse.

Skiing In Literature: Knees

A Street Poet In Denver Writes An Impromptu Poem For [Editor Note:’s publishers visited the Outdoor Retailers/Snowsports Industries America Show in Denver last week.  Walking down 14th Street, we noticed a small hut lit by a lantern. Inside was a young man—D. M. Kingsford— sitting with a typewriter and a sign that said, “Pick A Topic, Get A[Read More…]

by January 30, 2018 3 comments Features
A Tribute To Warren Miller (1924-2018)

A Tribute To Warren Miller (1924-2018)

At Sometime In The Past, You Watched A Warren Miller Film That Made A Difference In Your Life. Remembering Warren Miller: In His Own Words

by January 30, 2018 7 comments Ski Heroes
This Week In (Jan. 26)

This Week In (Jan. 26)

Off To The OR/SIA Show, Mystery Tennis Player, Questions To Find The Right Instructor, Pat’s Peak For Hobbits, A Very Successful Senior Ski Club. co-publishers are heading out from various starting points to the great, big Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show in Denver’s gigantic Colorado Convention Center. We will be there to look for stories, product ideas for our[Read More…]

by January 26, 2018 0 comments Features
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

What are Your Favorite Apres Ski Cocktails? “It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues,” Abraham Lincoln In case you’ve been in Siberia or solitary, you may have noticed the return of the cocktail. Search “Skier’s Cocktails,” and you’ll find a variety of hot toddies, Irish Coffees and Mulled Wines. Some spike hot[Read More…]

by January 25, 2018 2 comments Short Swings!
Credit: US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame

Mystery Glimpse: Tennis, Anyone?

She Also Skis Pretty Well.  Any Guesses? This should be a challenge. No hints this time. Please write your response in COMMENTS below. Wild guesses welcome on this one. Many thanks to the United States Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame, Ishpeming, MI for providing this picture. Last Week Some funny responses to this one from last week. These three[Read More…]

by January 25, 2018 5 comments Features

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