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Coming Soon: Ski Songs From The 60s

Coming Soon: Ski Songs From The 60s

Stay Tuned. We’re close to announcing a fantastic opportunity to download Ray Conrad’s classic ski songs.  You asked for them; we got them.  

by January 9, 2018 3 comments Features
Don't be a scare crow skier.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Four Stupid Things You’ll Hear Skiers Say

Make A New Year’s Resolution To Avoid Saying These Things. Here Are Tips To Help. The Scare Crow Skier. I know a skier who is so stiff he looks like a scarecrow with a pole up his back. Nothing moves. Nothing flexes. His ski poles hang down and drag behind. “I’m practicing,” he says. “I’ll take a lesson when I[Read More…]

by January 9, 2018 4 comments Features
This Week In (Jan. 5)

This Week In (Jan. 5)

Undergoing Bombogenesis, Next Mystery Glimpse, Cold Wx Tips, X-C Apparel, Jon’s Midget Memory. We write this in haste, lest the power snap off before we can file before’s deadline. New England and most of the East Coast, are in the midst of a monster “Cyclone Bomb”, as the meteorologists are calling it, or “Bombogenesis”, an even scarier name. Fast-moving,[Read More…]

by January 5, 2018 0 comments Features
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

The Excuse I Hear Most Often From Seniors Who Stopped Skiing Is That Their Knees Are Bad. I can emphasize. At 74, I feel the occasional twinge forecasting a time when something medical is in my future. I know I’m not alone. Which brings me to the Ski-mojo ad on the homepage. It’s a British product for skiers with[Read More…]

by January 4, 2018 10 comments Short Swings!
Mystery Glimpse: Who’s This Unhappy Fella?

Mystery Glimpse: Who’s This Unhappy Fella?

Our Next Mystery Photo Is Someone Who Became A Ski Celebrity. If you think you know who you think this guy is, write your guess in COMMENTS below, just scoll down. We’ll reveal the answer next week. Credit: SKIING Magazine Last Week’s Mystery Glimpse  This is Olympian Picabo Street as a young racer.  Thanks to the Alf Engen Ski Museum[Read More…]

by January 4, 2018 15 comments Remember When?

The Midget. The Mountain. The Girl.

The Midget Was Brand-New And The Color Of Ballpark Mustard. No more than 200 miles on the odometer, when the idiot trying to pass me spun out of control and totaled my new MG Midget. That was 1970, and looking back, maybe I was the idiot for driving a brand new, tiny sports car onto a snow-slicked Vermont road. The[Read More…]

by January 3, 2018 9 comments Nostalgia
Ah, a balmy 0 degrees. In New England lately, 0 is the new 40.
Credit: Tamsin Venn

Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Really Cold.

Here Are 10 Tips For Seniors Dealing With Cold Cold Temps. I posted here awhile ago about the benefits of skiing in the rain. Another unpopular time to ski is in extreme cold. The upside is you have the slopes to yourself. Unless you don’t. When skiing in Stowe over the recent holiday in frigid conditions, I was astonished by[Read More…]

by January 3, 2018 5 comments East, Features
Cross Country Apparel: Recommendations From An Expert

Cross Country Apparel: Recommendations From An Expert

Guidelines For What To Choose And Why. [Editor Note: Thanks to Roger Lohr, publisher of, for this review of the latest in XC skiwear that was printed first on that site.] I’ve often wondered why there isn’t more hoopla about cross country skiwear. I’m not talking about the suction suits worn by cross country ski racers; rather, I mean[Read More…]

by January 2, 2018 0 comments Accessories
Gone Skiing

Gone Skiing

We’re taking the week off.  Have a Happy and Safe New Year. See you in 2018.

by December 25, 2017 1 comment Features
Credit: Dawn Green

This Week In Dec. 22

Mystery Glimpse, Reasons For Nordic Skiing, Test Your Ski Knowledge, SnowSport Leader Alan Engen. Where’s the snow, you may wonder? If you’re in the Northeast, you’ve got cold and snow, and many areas have been open since Thanksgiving. If you’re in the Rockies, you’re still looking upward, although we hear its coming this weekend. If you’re in Alaska, you’re wondering[Read More…]

by December 22, 2017 1 comment Features
Dancing Bears—pre-conflagration—in tiny Bluff, UT.

Short Swings!

And Then, I’ll Take Off My Skis. That’s the punch line of a joke I heard in college. Many of you will know it. Two Russian soldiers are called home from their post in Siberia. They pack their belongings and start their long ski trek across the snowy steppe. They talk about what they’ll do when they arrive home. Boris[Read More…]

by December 21, 2017 5 comments Short Swings!
Mystery Glimpse: Who’s This Famous Ski Racer?

Mystery Glimpse: Who’s This Famous Ski Racer?

Hint: She’s an Olympian. Can you name her and her accomplishments? Respond in COMMENTS below the picture.  We will identify the correct answer either next week or when it appears. Credit: Alf Engen Ski Museum, Park City, UT. Editor Note: Mystery Glimpse is a new feature of  Occasionally, we’ll publish a photo from the archives of ski museums, collectors, or individuals.[Read More…]

by December 21, 2017 39 comments Features
Alf Engen and Alan Engen jumping at Alta, circa 1949.

SnowSports Leader: Alan K. Engen

When Alan Engen was born, Dr. Wherritt put wooden tongue depressors—like miniature skis—on the bottom of his little feet and handed the newborn to his legendary father, Alf Engen. “I think I can safely say that I came pretty close to being born on skis,” says Alan. He learned to ski when he was two. Thus began a lifetime of[Read More…]

by December 20, 2017 0 comments Snow Sports Leaders
Credit: Dawn Green

Top Reasons I Enjoy Being A Senior Nordic Skier

In Response To Last Week’s “Top Reasons I Enjoy Being A Senior Skier”, We Hear From A Nordic-Loving Senior. Editor Note: Roger Lohr is publisher of, a top guide and center for cross-country news and destination information. It seems the older I get, the more I enjoy Nordic (XC) skiing. It probably has something to do with being out[Read More…]

by December 20, 2017 6 comments Features
The Ultimate SeniorsSkiing Ski Quiz

The Ultimate SeniorsSkiing Ski Quiz

You’ve Think You’ve Been Around Snow Sports For A While?  Okay, Test Your Knowledge. I know what you’re thinking; “Ultimate, I doubt it.” You’re a really good skier, you’ve been skiing for years and you’ve skied just about everywhere. “There’s no quiz about skiing that’s going to humble me.” Let’s see… As of the 2016-17 ski season, what state has[Read More…]

by December 18, 2017 7 comments Features

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