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Where there is snow, there will be skiing. Cwazy Wabbits.
Credit: Real Skifi

Snowless Skiing in Stockholm: The Future?

Swedish Ingenuity Overcomes Lack of Snow. Boston, Pay Attention!   Cheer up New England skiers! There may be no snow, but with some guts and imagination all things are possible. Just look at what these young skiers in a snowless Stockholm did to ring their skier chimes.

by March 7, 2016 1 comment Features
Pat McCloskey's gang of life-long ski buddies.  This lucky bunch of seniors meets yearly for Big Skiing.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Skiing With Life-Long Pals: Annual Trips, Memories, Friendship

Do You Have Skiing Buddies From Way-Back When? polls show that most seniors like to ski with their friends. Our ski group of seniors has banded together for decades, getting together in March each year for epic skiing in Tahoe or Utah depending on the conditions. The common denominator in our group is our fearless leader Eric Durfee, Incline[Read More…]

by March 7, 2016 3 comments West
The Colors Of Passion

The Colors Of Passion

An Artist Paints En Plein Air On Ski Slopes. [Editor Note: We are pleased to present a painter-on-skis, Judy Calhoun, who regularly brings her artist kit to the ski slopes. Her biographical and contact information is below.] I try to find a pleasant rhythm as my skis follow the feel of the mountain. With the weight of my cumbersome pack[Read More…]

by March 7, 2016 3 comments Features
Home, home on the range? Not really.  This Jackson Hole is not where you think.

Way, Way Out West, There’s Another Jackson Hole. Know Where?

A few miles north of Beijing, there’s a town that is named Jackson Hole.  No skiing, but…seriously?

by March 4, 2016 0 comments International salutes George Jedenoff on his 98th birthday.
Credit: Ski Utah

This Week In (Mar. 4)

Tip Of The Pole To Ski Legend George Jedenoff On His 98th Birthday, Reviews of Resorts In Italy, East, and West, Toe Socks, And A Hilarious Rap Video About Aging And Skiing. This week, the ski community from coast to coast is saluting 98 year old George Jedenoff’s birthday and his 56 year skiing career.  He’s still at it at[Read More…]

by March 3, 2016 0 comments Features
Injinji's Performance 2.0 Snow toe socks are fun to wear and feel terrific.
Credit: SeniorsSkiing

Product Review: Socks That Rock From Injinji

New Performance Toe Socks Are Super Comfortable and Supportive. It’s March, and close to the end of the season for a lot of folks. If you think your gear is starting to look a little tattered, now is the time to contemplate a new way of thinking about your socks. Injinji, the toe sock company, has introduced a new line[Read More…]

by March 3, 2016 1 comment Accessories salutes George Jedenoff on his 98th birthday.
Credit: Ski Utah

Inspiring “Powder Philosophy”: George Jedenoff, 98

George Says Make The Most Of What You’ve Got. “It’s a pleasure by itself to be in the great, fresh cold air that seems to uncloud your brain…It’s a chance to reflect on your own life…[Skiing] is an opportunity to reflect on the wonderful things you can do…The plusses far outweigh the minuses…Take time to appreciate the positives.” Thanks to Ski Utah[Read More…]

by March 2, 2016 2 comments Ski Heroes
Marmolada and its glaciers.
Credit: Paolo Gaudiano

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Italy’s Dolomiti Superski

­Winter wonderland in one of the largest ski areas in the world. Although I was born and raised in Italy, I did not do much skiing until I moved to Colorado for college. So I jumped at the occasion to join some old friends for a week of skiing in the Dolomites—a portion of the Italian Alps characterized by their[Read More…]

Thanks to Lif' Ticket, whoever you are.  We do put the foot rest down.

Nowadays, We Like To Put The Foot Rest Down

Funny, Funny Rap About Senior Skiing. A’s Correspondent steered this our way.  A highly hysterical and insightful ode to what happens to senior skiers.  We aren’t sure who these dudes are, but, man, you have it nailed.

by March 1, 2016 7 comments Features
A skier heads off the top of Great White Express at White Pass. 
Credit: John Nelson

SeniorsSkiing Guide: White Pass, WA, Free For 73+!

Kudos To Senior-Friendly Ski Resort Three Hours From Seattle. As I got ready for a day of skiing at White Pass, I ran into a gregarious septuagenarian with a big smile on his face. “It should be a great day,” he said to me happily as we crossed paths. Fresh snow had fallen on the empty weekday slopes. And if[Read More…]

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Lots of folks lining up at Winter Park.  Holiday weekend was busy.
Credit: Susan Winthrop

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Winter Park, CO—Almost Denver

Close to Denver, This Venerable and Varied Ski Resort Can Get Crowded On Weekends. One of the oldest ski areas in Colorado, Winter Park is only 67 miles from Denver (about a 90 minute drive). It has excellent terrain for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. I was there with my daughter and her 12 year old twins who couldn’t[Read More…]

by February 25, 2016 0 comments Resort Reviews, West
Groomed trails are only one advantage of skiing at a commercial XC resort or commercial center.

This Week In (Feb 19)

Reminiscing About A Great Big X-C Race, More Resort Reviews, Why Ski Philosophy, And Snow Kayaking. We celebrate Washington’s Birthday with a remembrance of the “people’s” cross-country, point-to-point race that was held from 1963 to 1973 in various places in southern Vermont. We tracked down Bob Gray, two-time Olympian and winner of the first race, for his views on the[Read More…]

by February 25, 2016 1 comment Features
Terrain for everyone at Sunday River and lots of room for blue cruising.
Credit: Sunday River

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Fixed Income Skiing on a Liberated Schedule at Sunday River, ME

Big, Big Four-Season Resort In Maine Has Activity-Filled Social Scene For Seniors. For seniors on a fixed income and liberated schedule, a top place to ski in the East is Sunday River, ME. That is for three main reasons. First, it is huge. When you look up from the South Ridge base lodge, you see wide slopes slung over rolling[Read More…]

by February 24, 2016 3 comments East, Resort Reviews
Bang and everyone charges off across the hay field.  The Washington's Birthday Race circa 1971 or so.
Credit: Spencer Grant

Remembering The Great Big Washington’s Birthday Touring Race

 Such Fun. Should We Do It Again? What a celebration of winter it was. Imagine several hundred cross-country skiers, some serious racers—even Olympians—, college kids, couples and families, office people (like us) up from the Big City, all in a long line, awaiting the gun in a big, snow-covered Vermont hayfield. Bang, and everyone charges off, either fast skating or[Read More…]

by February 23, 2016 3 comments Ski History
Someone out there is bored.  But how do you get up the lift?
Credit: Warren Miller

Other Things You Can Do On Snow: Try Kayaking

A Short Clip On A Snow Sport Alternative From Warren Miller.

by February 23, 2016 0 comments Features

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