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Cannon Mountain is a state-owned area, famous for its aerial tram and free skiing for 65+ seniors.
Credit: Cannon Mountain

Update: Free Senior Skiing at Reinstated In NH House Bill

Now The State Senate Must Approve. A bill that would have eliminated free skiing for NH seniors has been amended to reinstate the senior benefit and is being sent back to the Senate for approval. The bill would have charged seniors different rates for weekday and weekend skiing and was an attempt to cover the large deficit at state-owned Cannon[Read More…]

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In 2013, Diana Nyad swam the Florida Straits, 110 miles, without a shark cage in 53 hours.  She was 64 years old.
Credit: Steven Lippman

Diana Nyad: Breathing Primal Life Force at 66

Inspiration Department: Marathon Swimmer Reflects On Staying Vital and Bold. When Diana Nyad attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida when she was 28 years old, she failed.  She was 64 when she finally succeeded.  Her message about defining who we are as we move into aging is uplifting. They say age is a state of mind. Age is, of[Read More…]

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Mark Twain's "Climbing The Riffelberg" appears in Tramp Abroad, an account of his journey through the Alps.

Wesleyan University Course: Art, Mountains, and Skiing

Professor Combines Passions and Art; Students Publish Textbook on the Subject Editor Note: The author is this article is Peter Mark, a professor of Art History at Wesleyan University. He is author of five books about pre-colonial Africa, has taught in France, Germany, and Portugal. He lives in Connecticut and Strasbourg, France.  He hikes, cross-country skis in the Catskills, the Vosges,[Read More…]

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Tower of Babel watches over Arches National Park, UT.
Credit: John Nelson

This Week In (May 20)

Spring Survey Responses A Wow, Fling Golf, La Nina Coming Soon, More Cycling Series. We are truly awed and grateful for the incredible, enthusiastic responses we’ve been getting to our Spring Subscriber Survey 2016. If you’re familiar at all with surveys, you know that response rates are often in the single digits. So far, we’ve received fantastic 27.5% response rate.[Read More…]

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Same game, different gear. Are you ready to share the links? 
Credit: Fling Golf

New Golf: Ready For A Fling?

Snowboarding:Skiing as Fling Golf:Golf. We love sport entrepreneurs.  These folks are creative and have bold ideas about bringing new sport ideas to the public.  The guy who invented Fling Golf is certainly bold. Into the hallowed traditions of the golf world comes a very different way to get around the links.  The idea is to fling a golf ball from[Read More…]

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The first La Nina impact could be more frequent Atlantic hurricanes.  This year's La Nina is predicted to be as cool as last year's record-breaker El Nino was warm.
Credit: NOAA

Adios, El Nino, Hola, La Nina

Big Changes Are Coming Again To Next Season’s Weather. View post on The image above shows how the sea surface temperature is changing from warm to cooler, signaling the advent of a La Nina event. Weather scientists are predicting that the sea surface temperatures in the Eastern Pacific will continue to drop, ending the extraordinary, record-breaking El Nino conditions that[Read More…]

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Landscape arch in the Devils Garden Trail in Arches National Park.
Credit: John Nelson

Cycling Series: Rolling Among The Rocks At Arches

Once Past The Crowds, Another World Opens Up. Looking out the window of a car just can’t capture the otherworldly beauty of Arches National Park in Utah. In this stark and dramatic landscape of towering spires, delicate arches and balanced rocks, I chose to bike and hike on my pathway to discovery. I visited Arches in Fall 2015. I pulled[Read More…]

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Skiers are attracted to fly-fishing because of the skills, the outdoors, and the lore.
Credit: Jan Brunvand

This Week In (May 13)

Survey Launch, Hiking Boots, Basics Of Fly Fishing, John Christie Passing. As we write this, our Spring Survey 2016 was sent out just over three hours ago, and we are already approaching a 10 percent response rate.  Three Hours!  Thank you all so much.  We really, really appreciate your support.  If you haven’t responded yet, please join the crowd.[Read More…]

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The Right Hiking Boot For The Senior You

The Right Hiking Boot For The Senior You

Balancing The Scales: Hiking Footwear—Comfort vs. Support. At the shop where I work, questions customers often ask include: “I’ve been wearing the same boots for over twenty-five years, is there anything new?” “How comfortable should my hiking shoes/boots be?” “What’s the boot that gives me the most support?” “Which type of hiking footwear protects my ankles best?” While hiking footwear[Read More…]

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Skiers are attracted to fly-fishing because of the skills, the outdoors, and the lore.
Credit: Jan Brunvand

Fly Fishing: Three Ideas For Getting Started

There Are Parallels Between Skiing And Fly-Fishing. Ski season is over; what now? Some turn to hiking, biking, tennis, or pickle ball. For me it’s fly fishing. The pursuit of wily trout with fake insects has things in common with skiing. Both involve exercising in beautiful places, both are great family activities, and both offer satisfying complications of gear and[Read More…]

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Credit: Jamie Walter

John Christie, Ski Legend, 1937-2016

Ski Area Operator, Author, Story-Teller, Outdoorsman, and Hardy Mainer. Maine ski legend John Christie, 79, unexpectedly passed away on Monday, May 9th.  He was a former owner of Saddleback Mountain, former GM of Sugarloaf and Mt. Snow, an inductee to Maine’s Ski Hall of Fame, raconteur and industry veteran.  Click here for the Bangor Daily News story. just published a[Read More…]

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Boston Globe's Stan Grossfeld reports on May skiing at Sunday River, ME.
Credit: Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

This Week In (May 6)

Season Finales, Cycle Series Continues, Poll Results, and BC Resort Review. It’s mud time in New England, and we’ve yet to see one of those beautiful, warm, aromatic May spring days around here. It’s been more like November: chilly, raw, drizzly. Yet spring skiing season still carries on in the West. Our poll results re: who is still out there reflect[Read More…]

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Poll Results: People Are Still Out There

Poll Results: People Are Still Out There

The Odd Snow Season Lingers On. We hear from lots of readers about places they are currently skiing and intend to ski all the way into Memorial Day. Most are from the West, but, as we have seen in this week’s Boston Globe article, there is a persistent and hardy group of folks in the East as well.  Our[Read More…]

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SilverStar Village is a mid-mountain, self-contained resort in itself with restaurants, shops and lodging.
Credit: SilverStar

SeniorsSkiing Guide: SilverStar—BC’s Uncrowded And “Happy” Ski Resort

Great Skiing And Social Life Makes SilverStar A Lively Scene For Seniors. [Editor Note:  This review was written by Melbourne, Australia-based Marg Malkin, a retired ski industry veteran who spends February and March at SilverStar.  She’s also the informal SilverStar liaison with a group of Ozzie skiers who travel to BC every winter. welcomes her as our first Australian contributor.  We[Read More…]

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Cycling By The Sea, the Lost Coast Trail has spectacular scenery.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: Finding And Riding The Lost Coast Trail

Senior Skiers Shift To Mountain Bikes To Ride Coast Of California. So, my ski buddy Eric says to me, “Patrick, let’s ride the Lost Coast of California”.  The next thing I know I am winging westward to Sacramento with my mountain bike packed securely in my bike box and looking forward to a week of “van camping” with my good[Read More…]

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