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Alta is all about open slopes and big vistas. Here is Big Dipper, a beautiful "blue" level run.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Alta, Skiers’ Paradise

It’s Vast Open Space And Powder. Alta is the granddaddy of powder skiing. It averages 500 inches of snow a year which earns it the nickname: Skiers’ Paradise. It has wide, wide open bowls with groomed trails, but everywhere you look slopes are left au natural and full of powder. That’s ample for most senior skiers. But it also has[Read More…]

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Due to an active blizzard watch and citywide hazardous travel advisory notice, Winter Jam 2016 is cancelled and will not be rescheduled. Please visit or call 311 for storm updates.  

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Move over, Big Papi, Big Air is coming to Fenway. Spectators can oo-ha on Feb 12-13.

This Week In (Jan.22)

Interesting Product and Resort Reviews, Big City Skiing and Poll Results. With Big Snow finally coming to the East Coast, we are getting the dust off our snow sports equipment.  Next week, we’ll have some reporting about classic New England skiing and, with the Mid-Atlantic getting whomped, we expect to hear from our contributors down there about new-found snow. This week’s[Read More…]

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HoliMont stages a host of racing programs. The resort is located in the western tier of New York state.
Credit: HoliMont

SeniorsSkiing Guide: HoliMont Ski Club, Ellicottville, NY

What’s It Like To Ski At A Private Club? History and Programs In 1932, William Merk observed the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid and vowed to start a ski area in his home in Western New York.  His years of skiing with the Ellicottville Ski Club on Fish Hill and the Greer and Holiday Valley peaks inspired him to start[Read More…]

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Paul tested the SoftFlask.  Fits in a parka pocket.
Credit: Hydrapak

Product Review: Goodbye, Water Bottle. Hello Hydrapak.

Dehydration Comes Easy When Skiing: Collapsible Water Bottle Is An Answer. Staying hydrated on the slopes is important, but rigid plastic water bottles are a pain to carry in a parka. Hydrapak makes soft and pliable water bottles that fit comfortably in the pocket. We tested Hydrapak’s half-liter SoftFlask sports bottle over a few days on the hill. The 500-ml[Read More…]

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Move over, Big Papi, Big Air is coming to Fenway. Spectators can oo-ha on Feb 12-13.

Cool Time: Skiing In The City

Urban Skiing/Boarding: The Mountain Comes To You (Temporarily) Every once in a while, a curious idea becomes a reality.  Why not bring snow to the city and provide a place for people to have a great winter experience?  In Japan, the reality involved a $400-million investment in an indoor ski-a-rama called Lalaporte Ski Dome SSWAS.  Built in 1993 in Chiba[Read More…]

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Have you ever looked uphill and seen this guy coming?
Credit: US Ski Team

Poll Results: Help Us Interpret This

What’s going on here? Poll results are in. A clear majority of respondents have never seen a ski patroller lift a ticket from a speeding skier. One out of five have seen that happen only once. Interestingly, early results from our Subscriber Survey 2016 suggest that speeding skiers are a problem for seniors.  Your thoughts?  

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Organic spinach, carrots and lamb topped with a wildflower. 
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Dine On A Local Cow—Or Lamb—Or Carrot

Locally Sourced Foods Are Catching On. At Snowbasin, Utah, chefs have embraced locally sourced meats including beef, lamb and elk, vegetables, cheeses and honey. Their dinner creations get rave reviews. Every bite comes from less than 50 miles away. Other resorts also find that local fare makes sense. Ask around in your area to learn which resort restaurants are going[Read More…]

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You can't see it but these folks are smiling as they skip to the lifts at Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows

This Week In (January 15)

Finally Snow In The Sierra, Mt. Rose and The Chutes, Road Scholar Report, Product Ideas, Action Camera Reviews and All About Nordic Ski Binding Choices. Thankfully this week, the snow began to fall and the temperature dip in the Northeast.  New England snow machines are making the “cold gold” and snow sport seniors are in full swing.  Meanwhile, the West[Read More…]

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"There's no comparison to last season" at Dodge Ridge. Everyone is happy!
Credit: Dodge Ridge

It’s Snow Sport Heaven This Season In The Sierra Nevada!

All Systems Go As The Snow Keeps Falling On Sierra Resorts. As the East Coast got a taste the last couple of months of what’s it like when the inclement winter weather fails to show up, the situation has been quite different on the West Coast. After four years of a crippling drought, the rains have returned to the flatlands[Read More…]

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The Mt. Rose chutes from a distance.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Mt. Rose and The Chutes

Tahoe Area Has A Big Surprise For An Eastern Newbie. For many years, I drove up the Mt. Rose Highway out of Reno and passed the Mt. Rose Ski Area on my way to Incline Village, Nevada. It seems like Mt. Rose has been a favorite of the Reno locals for years and when I finally skied it a couple[Read More…]

by January 13, 2016 4 comments Resort Reviews
Comparing Five XC Ski Bindings for “Ease of Use”

Comparing Five XC Ski Bindings for “Ease of Use”

SeniorsSkiing Correspondent and Cross Country Expert Rates The Big Five Bindings. You’ve paid for your trail pass and are ready to head out on the trails at your favorite xc ski touring center. How easy is it to put your skis? In this review, I discuss five common binding types, the key features of each, and I rate them on[Read More…]

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Here's a portion of a Roads Scholar group at Craftsbury Outdoor, VT.
Credit: Road Scholars

Have You Tried Learn-And-Ski Trips With Other Seniors?

Before Road Scholar, there was Elderhostel. My wife and I did 11 downhill learn-and-ski trips with Elderhostels from 1999 through 2009 when the programs were listed in a paper catalog, and registration was mailed in. We drove to most of the Western resorts from our home in Salt Lake City. For Tahoe and Winter Park, we took Amtrak, which was convenient,[Read More…]

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Five Senior-Favored Products

Five Senior-Favored Products

I found them at the Outdoor Retailers Winter Market. It’s the largest show of its kind in the U.S., and it’s where manufacturers strut their stuff and retailers place orders for next year. The show is the launch pad for innovative products as well as redos of existing products. I was on the hunt for products that would appeal to senior[Read More…]

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TomTom Bandit Action Camera has a 4-way navigation button on top. The camera has many attachment devices.

Product Review: Shake It With TomTom Bandit

Action Camera Comes With Instant Editing. It’s good to have a rival—Macy’s has Gimbel’s, the Red Sox have the Yankees, Holmes has his match in Moriarty. Everyone gets much sharper with a decent competitor. And so it is with action cameras. The ubiquitous GoPro, the current market leader, has almost become a verb, as in “I GoPro-ed my last run, and I can’t[Read More…]

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