The Amazing Device We’ve All Been Waiting For.

Attach Tile to keys, skis, bikes, cats, grand kids, wives, husbands, etc. Now they can be found, even when hiding.

You’ve probably had this experience.  You are rushing out the door, late for something or other, and you’ve grabbed everything except…wait a minute…”Where are my keys? (wallet, glasses, etc?)” And the frantic search begins, characterized by looking in several of the same places more than once (a sure sign of insanity) and then finally discovering them in your jacket pocket.

And in response you say to yourself, “Why doesn’t someone just invent something to stick on your keys that flashes or something?” Well, ta-da, someone did.

It’s called Tile, and it’s a little (1.5″ x 1.5″) square plastic device you can attach to keys, bicycles, backpacks, puppy dogs…just about anything you can think of that you can expect to go missing.

Here’s the app. Keys and iPhone are being tracked. There’s also a map; you can get a visual on where the hiding things are.

The version of Tile we tested is the Sport model, waterproof, bluetooth-enabled, loud (trust us on this) device that is very simple to set up and use.  All you have to do is download the Tile app to your Smartphone (Android or iOS), connect the device and you’re in business. It’s got a 200 foot range, so you can cover most places in a house or office.

To find your keys with Tile attached, simply open the phone app, tap the key logo, and you will hear the keys talking to you from their hiding place.  The other indispensable feature we really love is when you lose your phone, and your Tile will help you find it. Just tap the Tile device twice, and you will hear your phone peeping out from where you never thought to look for it.  You even have a choice of ring tones.

If there is a downside to finding your phone with Tile, it’s that your app on the phone has to be on. We haven’t experienced any major battery issues, but it is something to think about. Maybe you just activate the app when you take your phone out of your pocket and drop it on a desk or table.

If you lose your phone and your keys, well, bless your heart. Grandma used to say start looking where you saw them last.

It’s clear that once you see how Tile works you will want to tell other people about it.  Tile gives you 25  points for each person your refer and who buys. When you get 50 points, you get a free Tile.

The are four different models of Tile, from Tile Mate, to Sport, Style and Slim.  Prices range from $25 for the Mate to $35 for the Style. These prices are from the Tile website.  Click here to go there.

If you’re looking for stocking stuffer gifts for your family and friends, you can buy multi-packs of Tiles at a discount.  A four-pack of Sport Tiles is $100.

A perfect gift.  Every time one of those family members or friends finds their keys or lost eyeglasses, they will think of you!

Here’s the Tile video showing the Pro Series Sport Model which is the model we tested.





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