Amazingly, More Snow Has Fallen And Has Been Made Since Last We Checked In.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.37.26 AMSeveral weeks ago, we asked our Eastern readers whether they were done or not.  You can see the results here.  Since then, cold has persisted in northern New England, and there is a forecast of three-feet of snow this week in the west! See the latest post from our favorite weather/snow site, Open Snow here.   So, our new poll (see Sidebar) asks who is doing what.

Meanwhile, here are the results of our Non-Snow Sport poll.  As you can see, Golf, Cycling, and Hiking make the top three, representing 62 percent of respondents.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that a tiny percentage of respondents are runners. We bet that most of our readers were runners earlier in their athletic careers but have backed off to preserve knees and hips. Runners, how say you? Any surprises in this data?


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