Results Show That Readers Not Taking Discounts.

Here are the results of our most recent poll:

Question: Have you signed up for Promotive discounts?

Yes, I’ve signed up 7%

Yes, I’ve signed up and bought stuff 2%

No, I haven’t signed up 26%

No, I didn’t know about Promotive 51%


One of the clearest and most unambiguous findings from our two most recent reader surveys revealed that discounts are very important to our subscribers.  Well, big discounts on clothing, gear, goggles, gloves, you name it are now available to you, our readers.  When we saw the overwhelming interest in discounts, we approached Promotive, an online accumulator of discounts from name brands.

Here are just some of the top brands available to subscribers.
Here are just some of the top brands available to subscribers.

What Promotive does is offer discounts to groups of professionals that they form into “teams”.  Examples are Professional Skiers, Ski Instructors,  Ski Team Members. Promotive formed a special group just for us called “Snow Sports Influencers.”  So when you subscribe to, you can register with Promotive and get huge discounts from big-name brands like:

  • Helly Hansen
  • Outdoor Tech
  • Fisher
  • Swix
  • Injinji
  • Scott
  • Obermeyer

and many more.  Many vendors are taking 40% off suggested retail prices.

What to do if you didn’t notice the instructions for getting registered with Promotive when you subscribed to

Contact us via email, confirm you are a subscriber, and we will send you the step-by-step instructions to become part of the Snow Sport Influencers team.



  1. Spencer Owades says:

    I would like more information on signing up for Promotive

    Thank you

  2. I would like to add the seniors skiing team to my Promotive Account. What do I need to do?

  3. Please send me information to join the senior skiing Promotive team.

  4. I tried to purchase two different items from two different companies and each time they were out of stock. Sorry I tried.

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Well, the vendors are probably between seasonal inventories. Try again. And let us know what happens, okay Mike?

  5. Marsha lose says:

    Please send me info on how to sign up

  6. Somehow I missed the poll…however I did sign up several months ago and I did use the website to purchase new Wolverine hiking boots at a substantial discount.

  7. John Aiello says:

    My Promotive / ExpertCity membership expired – Is there a membership code that I can use that is still active? I used it several times last year and got great discounts.

    • Michael Maginn says:

      We are checking with Experticity to see if the current code is still valid. Hang in there. If you need the current code, I will send via email.

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