The Odd Snow Season Lingers On.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 4.38.14 PMWe hear from lots of readers about places they are currently skiing and intend to ski all the way into Memorial Day. Most are from the West, but, as we have seen in this week’s Boston Globe article, there is a persistent and hardy group of folks in the East as well.  Our mid-April poll results confirm what you’d expect: The West is Best, at least for this year. And there are big deals for seniors right now.

Reader Tom Levak writes, “Timberline (OR) is open through May 31 with free skiing for 71-plus. The three best runs are open: Stormin’ Norman, the Magic Mile and the Palmer Snowfield.  Loads of groomed terrain and lots of parks. I was up there Wednesday, and I’m going back right now. Mt Hood Meadows opens tomorrow for Sat-Sunday only through May 15; free for 75-plus.”

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