Our first major poll reveals a compelling factoid about our readers.

Last spring, we did our first Subscriber Survey to learn, among other things, just who our readers were.  We learned that you guys like discounts first and foremost.  We also learned you that 55 percent of our respondents skied more than 30 days a year!  Now that is impressive considering that the average number of skier days for all demographics was 7.6 in 2013-14, according to Snowsports Industries America.

That our readers are passionate about skiing continues to be validated by a new sliver of data.  SeniorsSkiing.com’s first major poll revealed that in late August and early September,  66.3 percent of respondents had ALREADY bought their season passes and another 6.3% were about to.  Clearly, you were taking advantage of early-bird discounts. And you definitely planned to ski at a favorite ski area.  A lot. Here are the results.


PollGraph copy

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  1. I retired in May and can finally ski without having to rush back to work. In previous years, we have purchased season passes to Granite Peak since it’s around 5 hours drive. This year we’ll be driving out to Montana and then going into Canada. Yay!

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