Last Week’s Edition Had Some Issues.


Imagine our surprise when we began to receive complaints—some strongly worded—from our readers about having to re-enter their name and email to access our online magazine. That is, re-enter again and again and again. And again.

We thought it was a typical but annoying problem that is usually on the reader’s side of the screen: When “cookies” are disabled or the reader uses a different browser or device, a similar set of symptoms happens. The solution is usually pretty simple: Turn on cookies on browser.

But no, not this time around. We believe the problem can be traced to a flaw in the popup software we use as a result of a WordPress update. We thank our stalwart software designer Alice Winthrop of Gate-House Design who tracked down the developer of the software and disabled the popup until the problem can be corrected.

Which brings us to why we have a popup in the first place. For one thing, we want to offer visitors a chance to subscribe for free. The popup also appears if a subscriber—or a non-subscriber visitor—is trying to access our Subscriber-Only Content. We ask subscribers to confirm their information before getting access to such assets as Free (Or Almost Free) Skiing For Seniors, Ski and Boot Recommendations, our Historic Ski Poster e-book, and other items.

The alternative to the popup is for subscribers to create an account with a username and password. That is not something we want to manage, nor do we think it is necessary for an online snow sports magazine for seniors. Nor do we believe our readers want to remember yet another password. Hence the popup.

Let us know if you have any issues, suggestions, concerns. We love to hear from you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


  1. There are thousands of people like me that dont know what cookies are, how to turn them on or off and have no interest in knowing. If its free whats the point. of having pop ups or sign ins . I look at other free websites. Real Estate,, Art, insurance, senior stuff, travel etc. Some have an added premium level thats not free. You need a user name and password for these . Why dont you just do that

  2. bill tidmore says:

    I enjoy and look forward to my seniors skiing issue and am grateful for the work to generate a free informative site of great information. I receive Ski magazine because of your work. Why complain about re signing when we /I do this for other issues in my life like every new doctor visit asks the same information. Be grateful readers for what we have in this wonderful online service.

  3. Jim McGuire says:

    Keep it FREE
    Keep it SIMPLE
    I can read or ignore the Ads
    Some of the Ads are actually good stuff.
    Heck I even made my own Ski Boot Shoe Horn after I saw an ad 🙂

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