Visit Soon, It’s About to Change.

Before the end of this season, Powder Mountain, Utah’s slightly out of the way ski area will become the largest in all of North America with 8464 acres, surpassing in size Park City (7300 acres), Whistler Blackcomb (8171 acres) and Big Sky (8000 acres).

School bus picks up on road on right.

Even without the 1000 new acres that will be available with the completion of two new chairs, the place is vast and under skied. One reason is limited day and season pass sales; another is because of its distance. It takes a little over an hour to get there from Salt Lake City, much less if you’re travelling from Ogden, about 30 miles north of SLC.

Powder Mountain is one of the places I head for after a classic Utah deep powder dump. Even days after a dump, fresh, untracked areas are waiting to be explored.

The new owners are planning a new village that will give the place more of a resort feel. Currently condos are available on the mountain. Other lodging and restaurant options require a short drive.

Much of Powder Mountain’s acreage is gentle, but know where to look, and you’ll find ample steeps to keep you well entertained. The area also offers a variety of guided and unguided cat and heli experiences.

Skiing trees at Utah’s Powder Mountain


I’m not sure how the new village and lifts will change the feel of the place. In many ways the current Powder Mountain reminds me of skiing as a kid in Vermont. The lodges aren’t fancy, but they serve up tasty and reasonably priced food. There’s a genuinely friendly and helpful vibe. I don’t know if its unique to Powder Mountain, but old-fashioned school busses help convey skiers from one part of the area up a canyon and back to the lifts.

Seniors (65-74) pay $60 for a day pass. Free skiing if you’re 75 or older!!!!

Powder Mountain might be like Cuba. It’s old fashioned in a highly appealing way. There’s a tremendous amount to enjoy. I recommend visiting before too much changes. It will change for the better, but for now, Powder Mountain should be high on every skier’s Utah list.


  1. Harriet Wallis says:

    Right on! You hit the nail on the head. Great story. — Harriet

  2. Correction: And don’t forget that Powder Mountain, Wolf Creek and Snowbasin resorts are all accessible by the ski-bus service from Ogden Transit Center on the 674 and 675 routes. See :- Last morning bus up is at 8:30am arriving 9:40am If you are staying in Midvale to ski Alta and Snowbird, as I do, you will need to catch a Blue Line train at Fashion Place at 6:46am to connect to the 7:08 Frontrunner 750 Train to Ogden via Salt Lake City. Central Station.
    Use UTA Trip Planner foy your own journey.

  3. The 2013-2014 deal for Senior Season Ski pass was $165 at Powder Mtn. The new owners raised the price to $465.
    Not real friendly to Seniors………….

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Thanks for the observation, Will. However, for those achieving age 75, Powder Mountain’s free day passes and $20 season pass is a great benefit. Powder Mountain’s website shows that season passes for 65-74 were $420 when purchased before 5/31 and $540 after 6/1. It’s a substantial savings over $675 (pre-5/31) and $870 (post 6/1) for younger skiers. Not as friendly as $165, but still a lot of skiing for a reasonable price.

  4. The observation is spot on!
    Used to be a great place to go. simple and affordable. There are lots of high priced places to ski. Price is important to me.

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