Tea Offers Flavor, Enjoyment, And Health.

Cold Buster tea blend soothes colds and is caffeine-free. Credit: Harriet Wallis

Let’s make it clear. Tea cannot cure cancer. But the chemical make up of many teas can be part of a healthy anti-cancer lifestyle.

It’s not hocus pocus. Tea is a most studied anti-cancer plant. Check out what the National Cancer Institute says about tea’s anti-cancer benefits: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/diet/tea-fact-sheet

But let’s start at the beginning.

Maria Uspenski was healthy and active until she was slammed with ovarian cancer that turned her life upside down. That’s when the IBM engineer and tech business owner launched full bore into making nutrition and lifestyle changes to give her a life-saving edge. She learned that teas can boost the immune system and might inhibit cancer.

In 2004, this cancer survivor founded The Tea Spot, a woman-owned tea and tea ware company in Boulder, Colorado.

So what about the teas?

I like tea, but I’m a beginner. I had no clue there are so many kinds of tea, and I don’t speak “tea language.” But I like to explore tea flavors and try new tea techniques. It’s okay to be a beginner and learn as you go. Real connoisseurs, however, will appreciate the breadth of The Tea Spot’s offerings.

They offer many, many types of White, Green, Oolong, and Black teas. And there are also Herbal, Mate, Organic and Pu’erh teas.

I’d never heard of this Pu’erh-thing, so I looked into it. It’s a special process that gives those teas an earthy taste. It’s thought to do good things such as: reduce cholesterol, aid digestion, improve weight loss, and it might relieve hangovers.

Each tea has its special properties and benefits. And the Tea Spot site describes each tea in detail. There are so many teas to try.

The bottom line:

The market is saturated with health drinks. Perhaps it’s time to try tea as your health drink.

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