The Fall Line with Chaos and Company is a podcast hosted by PSIA Alpine Education staff members, Dave Capron and Angelo Ross. Now in Season 2, the podcast is usually about an hour long and features conversations with ski industry leaders with something to say.  You don’t have to be a ski instructor to reap the podcast’s benefits. Angelo happens to be a friend with whom I’ve skied for a long time.

A recent one features PSIA Alpine Team Coach Michael Rogan. His knowledge of skiing is extensive.  When asked about his thoughts on the World Cup, Michael says that watching the races with a discerning eye can be informing, even for amateurs.  The winners have good connection to the snow, a keen sense of where the fall line is, and when the turn should happen. He goes on to say that any turn after the fall line or outside of the fall line with poor connection to the snow will lead to “the wrong side of the clock.”

He mentions that  Penn State was contracted to develop a standardized certification process for ski instruction that hopefully will eliminate the variance of expectations that exists between divisions of PSIA.  In other words, no matter where a candidate would take an exam to be certified in ski instruction, the same protocol would be followed, thus eliminating  nuanced legacy behavior among examiners in PSIA that sometimes can lead to biases impacting how candidates succeed.

Click on the image above to listen to The Fall Line with Chaos and Company. Or click here to connect with the entire catalog of podcasts.

It’s interesting dialog that will ready you for the season and, in general, make you better informed.

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