A New Extreme Sport Emerges For Those Who Really Love The Cold

Hearty, are we?  Well, these lads surely are.  These garcons are one of a dozen or so teams, some of them professionals, who are canoe racing on the St. Lawrence during Quebec’s Winter Carnival.  The amateurs included a women’s team, mixed men and women teams and a few folks who just wanted to have some fun.  You might wonder why this is a good idea for a sport.  Don’t bother.  It’s about The Extreme.  And learning to love the magnificent cold.  This was taken on Feb 8, 2015 when the temps were -20 C and the wind was blowing at least 25 knots.  What’s the wind chill? Anyone?  Anyone?

Quebec’s Winter Carnavale was the site of the North American Snowsports Journalist Association Annual Meeting.  More to come on Ice Hotels, ski trains and memorable “versants” (ski areas) just outside Quebec.

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