It’s important for seniors to connect during these difficult times. Because we have a large list of senior readers, we are contemplating turning a portion of into a forum for our readers.  We’re going to ask some questions that you can respond to in the Reply Box below each question. Hopefully, others will respond and we can create a dialogue.  This is an experiment in connecting readers to each other.

How do you feel about the early close of the season?  Were you done? Did you have more turns to make?

Please respond in the Reply Box below.



  1. kenneth a soule says:

    We did have much choice the weather turned warm and rain. Nothing left to ski on. Hope for a better season next year. Stay healthy everyone.:)

  2. Gary T Urquhart says:

    Probably the right thing to do but at the same time tough for the local businesses and workers. I was most likely done for the year but might have been talked into some spring skiing iin April.

  3. Last fall I thought I would be skiing into April but the weather turned to warm and the limited snow amounts changed my plans The cross country skiing resorts have done their very best a big thank you to all the workers who worked so hard to keep the trails ooen

  4. Al Rosanes says:

    I had planned on skiing the week after they closed but at 87 I had decided to cancel anyway.

  5. Don Matheson says:

    It wasn’t the best season weather wise for skiing here in central Canada. Started late – ended early. However the right decision was to close the resorts – without social isolation the virus spreads quickly.

  6. I injured myself in February and just getting back when the resorts closed. We stay in High Rockies all winter and I planned to make up for the 4 lost weeks by skiing into April. Yes, I’m bummed out, but I try to stay focused on the positives like being healthy and having other outside activities to take the place of skiing. Though, none of them really measure up. 🙂

  7. Philip Brencher says:

    I already had 34 days on the mountain this year and was hoping to double my personal record of 19 and my wife had logged a personal record of 20 but we cancelled our hotel reservations last weekend and decided that it was the most prudent course of action for ourselves and our ski friends. Considering that rest rooms are scarce and used by everyone and the tables in the lodge are “hot bunked” with one group grabbing a table as soon as it’s vacated the mountains are at greater risk of transmission that the wide open spaces imply.

  8. Ralph Noidne says:

    I still had lots of turns to make, but understand that it was probably the right thing to do. We lost the last six weeks of the season so it’s sad.

  9. Elliot Holar says:

    I was on an extended tour out west thanks to my recent retirement. I drove from Virginia for a 6w stay in Utah (Snowbird-centered) and skied a few days at Arapahoe Basin and Aspen on the way out. I was planning more stops on the way to and from San Diego where I was to meet my wife at one of her public health conferences. Alas, I only made it to Telluride when I learned the conference was cancelled. Furthermore, the season had prematurely turned to spring conditions in mid-February and after another day of the same, I was ready to pack up the skis.

    I had hoped to include Taos and Mammoth, maybe Squaw, plus a few stops on the way back thru Utah and Colorado, but not to be. The growing line at the gondola, where they were limiting each cabin to 4 of a possible 8, plus the news that the Snowbird tram had closed, sealed the deal. All the powers seemed to be saying “no more!” The day after I started my drive, they shut down most of the resorts. Guess I got out of there in the nick of time.

    • Brian Webber says:

      Got back to Montreal last week after three weeks of great skiing, but no real powder, in Eastern British Columbia. Were hoping to go to Charlevoix, east of Quebec City, to profit from recent late season dumps of snow and warm sun. But no luck: all closed up. 🙁
      Also makes me realize how much of skiing experience is indoors: lodge, gondola etcSo a wise decision to close.

  10. No!
    I was loading my Jeep to head up to Sunday River on Sunday the 15th for the week when my son pulled up in front of the house to tell me the River was closing at the end of the day for the season. Later in the day, I received an email from the mountain that the Grand Summit too was closing for the season.
    As the queen might say, “I was not amused!”
    However, I’ve already purchased my pass for next season.

  11. Floyd Jones says:

    I’m from Michigan and always end my ski season with a trip out west. My destination this year was Snowbird. Ending the season without my trip left a hollow feeling but I know it was for the best to help control the virus. With a 104 days on the snow I shouldn’t complain,

  12. I had to cancel my annual ski trip out west. Every spring, I head out to Colorado to ski with my roommate from college. This year, we had a great 4-day trip planned to Vail, Beaver Creek and maybe Keystone. Since I live in a place where there isn’t much skiing, it is usually the only time I get to ski. So, this year, I never got to take those turns and enjoy the plethora of snow. Things could be worse so I count my blessings that my friends and family are healthy and look forward to next year!

  13. Donald MacKay says:

    The only thing to do.. With people from all over the world congregating in a single place and then returning home would allow for a massive, rapid spread of the virus.

  14. Norm Reynolds says:

    The only season I have missed since the late 40’s was 68-69 in Viet Nam. That was a snowy year in Colorado, and my uncle kept sending reports from the Rocky Mt. news, until I threatened to send him a grenade in return. This season has been similar, snow-wise, and I’m glad to have at least had half of it. Sitting here watching it snow is frustrating, but it’s still beautiful, and, so far anyway, we are in good health.

  15. Keith Wentzel says:

    Our son was working on the mountain in Breckenridge this winter and my wife and I had planned a trip in early April for some spring skiing and to see him. He’s planning to stay out there and work the spring/summer season but when that might start is anyone’s guess. Vail Co has been very accommodating though and is continuing to let him live in employee housing. Stay healthy out there.

  16. I wasn’t close to being done for the season, anticipating a typical late season at Killington. Having to resist a feeling of sadness, as this was my first ski season as a retiree, taking advantage for the first time, the joys of weekday free skiing. Chores around the house while in stay at home mode don’t come close to filling the void. Dreams of next season.

  17. Dan Luneau says:

    Our season was cut a month short which equates to at least fifteen more days on snow for me. Its a long time for the 20-21 season to start, if it starts at all. Heaven forbid that the epidemic should last that long.
    That said, under the C-19 siege it was the responsible thing to do.
    plan on being ready to cross country for the 20-21 season just in case.

  18. Eric Lunan says:

    With 4 feet of new snow in the 2 weeks before the season was truncated, conditions were set for another good month of spring skiing. The last day (March 15) was gorgeous everywhere, glades, moguls, downhill and cross-country. Nonetheless the shutdown is necessary and each of us must do our part. We live only 2 miles from our hill (Mont Édouard) so we gaze at the wonderful runs every day. We are happy to be healthy and we’ll be going out to enjoy the outdoors alone or with one or two friends.

  19. I was sidelined by season ending injury 10 days before the resort closed.

    Bummed to have my season end at 60 days. First time in 10 years I missed hitting 100.

    When the resort closed, it quickly became a ghost town. I’m sitting here waiting surgery next week. Going stir-crazy. YouTube has been my friend.

  20. Ed Schultz says:

    Ugh. Was planning 3 days more at least in northern New Hampshire + a few more in NY. Now thinking about putting my sailboat in the lake. Next season will come. Stay safe.

  21. here at sun valley we have a 100 day pin and I was only 6 away so c;ose. And had a spring trip planed but tuned and wax for next year. But will go hike sking in the mountanins and try to find a bit of corn.

  22. Cansnowplow says:

    I was happy I skied trails and chutes that have been my go-to spots on a couple of mountains that I tend to visit in late Feb-early March. Little did I realize those runs were my last runs of the lift running season. Such is life! Subconsciously, since our “China Syndrome”(COVID-19) was being discussed during most of this ski season, I began wondering earlier when ski areas placed singles on the chairlift to fill empty seats on any chair, how vulnerable everyone on the chair became. Then I thought, hey we are outside and how can anyone catch something outside? So, I am happy the ski area bosses decided for us by shutting down. In all considerations, the individual skier is not very smart. I now have a greater trust in our ski area managers than I do with we who ski and blog, who complain ski area management are not concerned for our individual welfare. Thank you for your professionalism instead of the buck.

  23. I had one more trip scheduled for Tahoe and that was cancelled. Too bad seeing that they got 40+ inches out of this last storm with more snow coming. I did get to Utah which was good and skied a lot locally. The season came to a screeching halt but what are you going to do? I hope this all passes away and we can resume our skiing next season. Stay safe all.

  24. John Ferguson says:

    Wasn’t even close to being done and am already looking forward to next season.

  25. Carol Feinberg says:

    AAUGH!! Yes, it was likely the right thing to do. But, still, AAUGH. I and almost everyone I know wanted to ski much, much more. Here in California we have skied on hard pack most of the season. Then, it snowed and snowed some more. Great skiing then almost every resort closed. Backcountry is the alternative but the avalanche danger has been rated “high.” Recently, it has gone down to “moderate” and we may be able to get out there depending on other developments.

  26. Bruce boeder says:

    Floyd! 104 days on snow! Yikes. Where in Michigan?!
    I never seem to get enough skiing, no matter how many days I’m on snow but this year wasn’t the best with a couple of bouts of bronchitis and a food poisoning incident in the middle of our Whistler trip in January. But still got out and enjoyed skiing

  27. John Whittaker says:

    I was looking forward to more skiing here in the east, but 3 weeks short of the normal end of the season for me isn’t too bad. My regrets are that I didn’t go on days I could have. Brings to mind Warren Millers saying if you don’t do it this year you will be another year older when you do.

  28. Nancy Pitstick says:

    I was far from done in Utah! But the reality of resort-based downhill skiing is that we do use restrooms and encounter other points of congestion, all opportunities for transmission of this very violent disease. The end had to come and was not a moment to soon. The snow continues to pile up for those hearty souls willing to hike for it. GO FOR IT! ❄️❄️

  29. Nancy Pitstick says:

    “very virulent disease”

  30. I am not done yet! My regular hill is still has the lifts spinning. The lodge and food services are closed but that is okay. My #2 go to is done; access is through a gondola and that does not seem like a healthy idea these days, Additionally have been scoping out a couple of really nice ultra easy hike to lines (as in walk 150′, ski a mile, and shuttle with a car), that is in the plan too. Why stop if you can ski and still be safely distant from people?
    In my life have had seasons end to: injuries, avalanches, volcanoes, work, family needs, and a few more choice reasons. Not yet, not this time.

  31. In Sweden the ski areas are still open and we have plenty of snow in the north, but in Norway the ski areas are shut down. I’m going for the slopes in Vemdalen next week on my new Enforcer 88’s. . 🙂 The authorithes are planning for some restrictions during easter, i.e. there will be no afterski, but hopefully won’t affect my trip

  32. We sit here looking out the window at over 9 feet of snow (Big White, British Columbia CAD) and wonder what the next 4 weeks would bring a for spring skiing. At 98 days skiing so far I can’t complain about the season as it is so important to deplete the virus and get ready for skiing a new season next year. Best to all the ski areas for a great year!!!

    • Got back from Big White about 10 days ago to return to Ontario’s local hills. Had great time out there and knew returning would be a let down. Definitely wasn’t planning on teaching on March break, but did think a couple of days would be fun with friends. The closure on my hill on 15th was a surprise, but understandable. Stay young and stay healthy.

  33. I live in Snowmass where conditions remain fantastic. So, yesterday I bought skinning gear! Heading up the mountain….

  34. Winter Park/Mary Jane closed last Saturday evening, 3/14. The next morning, it was such a sad, surreal scene with everyone coming to clear out their lockers. We had over a month left in the season, and we’ve had tons of snow with 5 new inches yesterday. I’m tempted to hike up Berthoud just to experience at least 1 last run.


    For me personally, my season ended on March 4th when I broke a leg skiing at Deer Valley. (And a big THANK YOU to DV Ski Patrolers Matt, Brison and James.) I had planned to ski this week at Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Loon (bet you can’t tell that I had an Ikon Pass.) But not to be.
    I’m really sorry for all the folks who depend on the resorts. For me, it’s an avocation, but for the countless people in ski towns whether as patrolers, lifties, groomers, cooks, ticket takers, wait staff, hotel staff, small business owners and employees, this is very sad. Hoping we can all pull together to get through this.
    Looking forward to next season. Hunker down, but stay up!!

  36. I most definitely had more turns in me, but I think closing the resorts was the right thing to do. It had turned warm, so when things closed it wasn’t that hard to accept, but today it is snowing like crazy, so if things were normal, I’d be at one of the Aspen 4 instead of reading emails.

  37. Kathleen Phillips says:

    I clicked into the boards only twice this season. Conflicts and lousy weather in SE Indiana/Ohio to blame. I didn’t get out to visit Colorado family before those resorts called off the season. What I would give just once to ski again this year.

  38. Bernard Pistilli says:

    I was able to get in 52 days of skiing at Sugarbush, including 28 NASTAR races. Can’t complain. At 88, I can use the rest. Limited injuries this year – only a mid concussion and injury to right rotator cuff (my 4th). I’m more concerned about the closure of the sports center at the mountain.

  39. Connie Grodensky says:

    Our local mountain, Mt. Bachelor, announced they will be closed from March 15 through the 22. On Wednesday, I believe it was, they announced that employees and mountain ambassadors can come up and receive food and beverages they had ordered for the Spring Break crowd, which would have started last week. At this point, we don’t know if they will try to reopen, but as our season is usually through Memorial Day, there is a possibility…….And no, I was not ready as our best time of the season is NOW!!!! But, we all need to stay safe!

  40. I was nowhere near done, but happy that I was able to ski each week up until last Tuesday. Then Utah decided to “shut down” and I guess that’s it until next season. Too bad………

  41. Phil Brady says:

    Planned on skiing CO March 31 to April 14. First year in 40 I did not ski.

  42. Chuck Ziegler says:

    This is my first year of total freedom to ski whenever I feel it. 19 trips to the hill and I was thankful for those days. We will all be back sooner or later but for now, the resorts are doing the right thing to ensure the long term viability of the sport and the industry. We will all be back in force next season. I’m going to a trek this afternoon in all of the wonderful snow we’ve recently received in the Sierra.

  43. Kevin Toolan says:

    Skied January and February at Okemo in Vermont. We were done and headed to Florida early March. They had a decent season and my kids and grandkids were anticipating going up to our place for a few more weekends. 90% of the mountain was still opened when they closed.
    I think it was the right decision though. There’ll be many more years of skiing and hopefully this social distancing will help to prevent the spread of the virus. I do feel bad for the staff at the mountain and for the businesses in Ludlow who count on the crowds .

  44. Nonsense; over-reaction to the media “beating-the-subject-to-death.”

    Common sense, good hygiene, and outdoor sports should get us through the challenges.

  45. Still out there Skinning (Earn Your Turns) as I usually do. This has created more opportunities and better snow than we typically have at the end of the season.

  46. Don’t like the early end, but if this is the worst I have to deal with in my life, I’ll consider myself Very Blessed.

  47. Spring is the best time to ski. Sunnier days, fewer crowds, shorter lift lines, and after multiple freeze-and-thaw cycles, the ungroomed snow is often better and easier to ski than the groomed trails, which tend to get too slushy or the snow gets grabby during warm days. So, I ski a lot of the side-country, using the lifts to go up but then skiing slightly out of bounds before returning to the ski area.
    Also, on Mt. Hood, at the Timberline ski area, we have the option to ski the 3 miles from Timberline to the village of Government Camp.
    So, no, I am not done skiing yet. If the lifts don’t reopen, I will take my alpine touring skis for some uphill climbing and to earn my turns. I should add that I AM NOT a good climber. I am 67 years old, I am overweight, not quite strong enough, and my lungs seem to never have enough air when I climb. But, if that is the only option, so be it.
    By the way, I have been skiing on alpine touring skis and bindings for the past 9 or 10 years. I mostly use ski lifts for the uphill, so I rarely resort to freeing my heels and using my skins for climbing. But I love that the alpine touring equipment is so much lighter than regular alpine skis. So, I will never buy heavy alpine skis again.

  48. Cathy Meyer says:

    Very disappointed. I was a ski club trip leader and had 39 people signed up for a trip to Winter Park. 9 cancelled before we left last Saturday We arrived in high spirits, expecting to be skiing that beautiful snow in the bright sun and not worrying about the virus for a week. Then we were told the resort was shutting down. Given the option of flying home the next day or waiting till Monday, I opted to stay a day and use some of the groceries everyone had purchased for a week stay. It was sad to walk around and see the stores and restaurants closing. We will get refunds on lifts but still it sure about lodging and we already paid for the flights and ground transportation there and back.

  49. Janet HIRSHBERG says:

    We had already finished our Colorado ski trip so for that I am thankful. I was just getting back to eastern spring skiing when our local mountain abruptly closed. I certainly understand because we were already being vigilant of riding lifts with our own group. We had one more ski weekend planned with our good buddies so I am sorry to have missed that but it is what it is. I am looking forward to next year.

  50. Disappointed for sure because I wasn’t done. My husband and I had a Club Med ski trip booked in Les Arcs starting March 15. Cancelling the trip was an easy decision after the European travel ban was installed, although we were there, ready to go. We were able to return to the US on Friday, the 13th before the travel restrictions went into place. Two days later, all French resorts closed.
    In the bigger scheme of things, it’s a small sacrifice, not worth dwelling over. Next year, we’ll try again.
    In the meantime, stay home, stay healthy!

  51. Jack Murray says:

    I scheduled my 4th left knee replacement on 3/18. Perfect timing! My ortho says as long as I stat off moguls, I’m good to go next season!

  52. After skiing the more challenging terrain out west and in Canada, I was ready to ski the easy-going groomed runs in nearby Wisconsin (Granite Peak) but now everything is closed. I only skied 26 days and had really hoped to go over 30. Last year the Polar Vortex cut our season a bit short. Well, there’s always next year.

  53. marc liebman says:

    This season was lost to me due to an extended illness. Nonetheless, losing a ski season is sad for us all. The constant notes on I get from ski areas and Seniors Skiing was a source of inspiration, motivation and frustration!

  54. I had two weeks scheduled for xcountry skiing in Norway. My wife fractured her tibia and we canceled our trip. 4 days later the whole trip was canceled. I agree it was a wise decision to cancel.

  55. John Kimball says:

    I was in a motel enroute to a Colorado ski trip when I learned that all areas were closed. After arriving at our lodging the next day I called reservations at Monarch Mountain to see if I could get a refund for HP skis I had reserved for the next 2 days. I was told by recording that the area was closed and I should leave a message and would get a call back.
    Now it’s 5 days later and a few more messages left and I yet to get a reply.
    Hope I hear something soon.

    • John Kimball says:

      Update; The rental refund from Monarch Mountain just posted on my credit card, Thanks for that and I hope to get back as soon as possible next season.

  56. David Grady says:

    My wife and I logged 47 days on the slopes last season. Not too bad for two old folks from STX. We hoped to best that and grt 50 days this season, but the shut us off at 46 days. Maybe next season…

  57. Worst season in my memory. Conditions on the east coast never got past marginal. Hoped for a decent spring skiing season but CORVID-19 kept that from even getting started.

  58. David Orlinsky says:

    First year ever I did not Ski My age since I retired.. Definitely not done but “life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”

  59. Terri Burton-Wire says:

    We only got in about 1/3 of our normal skiing. We skied 2 weeks in January. We cancelled our late February trip due to our dog having knee surgery. We hoped to extend our late season trip late March/early April to make up for it, but now that won’t be happening. Our only hope is a few resorts have said they hope to open around mid-May.

  60. Rick Morris says:

    The season had to close early because of the viral threat.
    We still have more turns in us & always will. We got over 100 days skiing here in Niseko. Not the big dumps that we normally get but still the best snow in the world (every day)
    Next winter is not far away & we can now hove our summer activities then back to turning left & right, knee deep, waist deep, over the head or carving on the groomers.
    ‘Man is such a marvellous creation, but people can be stupid.’

  61. Tim Russell says:

    I Think it was a good call to close. We all want to live to see another day. I had 87 days of skiing in with a goal of 100 so there is not much room to complain. Today New York was put on lockdown so it will be quite an adjustment indeed,

  62. Steve masse says:

    Awesome last day at Cannon Mountain in NH! One of only 3 resorts) bad description for Cannon, a true skiers mountain!)… but there were crowds at the only two windows selling tickets for $29 weds skiing instead of the normal 5 windows! Bad decision by management! Anyhow, crowds at windows led to someone calling Hov Sununus office to complain and just like that it ended at 4 pm that day! But best snow ever, sunny, no wind and a perfect early spring ski day!! Couldn’t fave called fir a better last day! Will be skinning it soon! Too good to end it now!!!

  63. Richard Kavey says:

    As a skier I wanted many more turns this year. As a physician, I knew it was right to close it down. Of course there’s always skins

  64. Joseph Draper says:

    I bought new skiis (Võlkl Kanjo), bindings (KneeBinding made in Stowe VT) and a season pass at Snoqualmie Summit as a Christmas/Birthday present to myself.

    I started skiing on my 60th birthday (January 21) after a 3 year hiatus due to a ruptured ACL (repaired 1/25/2017). I lost over 50 lbs since August and really enjoyed every minute of skiing this season.

    I skied my last day on Saturday 3/14. The area ceased operations indefinitely after lifts shut down the next day.

    I loved my new skiis and bindings. I’m looking forward to next season. I hope to transition back to being a part time ski instructor for a not-for-profit “concession” ski school run by a Boeing employee ski club. I also want to complete my PSIA Level 2 certification.

    I’m hoping to retire in 2 years. My 401K has definitely been hurt by recent events. I still have a full time job at Boeing (with a pension) and am working remotely, but I definitely didn’t see a pandemic on the horizon.

    To skiing!

  65. Dean Schaefer says:

    After a late start at our mid west ski resort where I work, we had to shut down because of rain several days. I only got in about 60 days of skiing and was looking to 3 weeks of skiing in Co. My friends ( 9 seniors) got in one day at Crested Butte .We had just moved into our condo with all of our groceries for a week when we were told that all of Co. was shutting down. We stayed one night and drove 1400 miles back home the next morning. Our trip with 13 friends to Summit County also had to be canceled. Also 3 of us were going to Vail to spend a week. Luckily we had been to Summit county for two weeks after Thanksgiving. I bummed was not able to ski my over 100 days a year as usual. As a 81 year old I was very concerned about the virus and I want to be around for many more years of skiing.
    I am staying pretty close to home to protect me and my wife from getting sick. I plan on getting on being in better shape and ready to go next fall. Be safe.

  66. I was at my condo at Killington last week having finished a great day on the hill on my last weekend of skiing. I then learned that “the Beast” was closing on the next day. Very sad to watch the caravan of cars heading home Sunday AM knowing that I will not be on skis until next December.

  67. Mixed emotions for me, at any rate. My husband has needed a lot of care this winter and it seemed every time I wanted to ski with my senior group, there was a doctor appointment or something else. Just weeks before the virus really hit, I sent my unused season pass back to my local ski area. I worry about all these people and those in other service industries who are not getting paid.

  68. Tim Hudson says:

    We are a tour operator in Italy. We closed our operations on Tuesday 10th March, resulting in three group cancellations. Personally, I had already bagged around 1,500Km skied and over 250,000m vertical. But that wasn’t the issue. The season closed a month ahead of time. It was such an anticlimax after what had been a wonderful season.
    However, it was and remains totally necessary and those countries and regions that did not close early will most likely suffer as a consequence.

  69. Kathleen Klage says:

    I arrived in Salt Lake City the day before all resorts (except Brighten) suspended operations. I had plans to ski 6 days using my IKON pass at Alta, Snowbird & Solitude. Although I understand why resorts made the decision, I still felt sad, disappointed & cheated.
    The 3 days I skied Steamboat (using IKON pass) in January were the most expensive lift tickets I’ve ever purchased!
    I will NOT purchase an IKON pass next season.

  70. I was in the midst of having my most fun winter of skiing yet, when it came to a screeching halt. Since I no longer own any back country gear (except light touring stuff), I’ll have to let others hike for the turns and be content to wander around in the desert. Watching it snow in the desert today, however…!

  71. Bruce Lund says:

    I(am never ready for the end of the season but my body tells me ‘I’ve .had enough. I am 88 and every season is more difficult for me. It gets more difficult every year. I envy those who ski into their 9’0’s. Wish I had there genes but hope springs eternal!!!

  72. I continue to ski in the backcountry as I always do. Unfortunately, running into more folks that are new to the backcountry and lack proper experience, training, and/or knowledge of the terrain. Also there is an ethical question as to having an accident in the backcountry and adding extra strain to the medical community. I debate this with myself everyday I go out.

  73. no I wasn’t done yet when they closed the US border. this year isn’t much better, it’s twice as far to drive to my current mountain as it was to Baker. Testing makes it same as closed for day trips.

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