Help Us Decide If/How Classifieds Should Work.

At World Headquarters, we get frequent requests from readers looking for ski partners, places to go, house or condo rental information, and many other topics.  So, we decided to create a classified ad section within to accommodate these kinds of wants, needs, and desires.

What we are planning is a relatively inexpensive way to post stuff for sale of different kinds.  Options include a one-week insertion all the way up to 10 weeks in the classified ad section. Prices range from $10-$50, depending on duration of the ad.  Readers can post the ad themselves, including pictures (to some extent), and pay using a credit card.  Nice and simple.

Here are the categories we are thinking of. Please let us know what you think. Here’s the question for you:

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? What categories are missing? Which of those listed are not important or irrelevant? Would you post a classified on

Please write your response in the Reply Box below.

Proposed Classified Categories

Alpine Equipment For SaleNordic Equipment For SaleAccessories, Gizmos, Electronics For SaleNon-Winter Sports Gear For Sale
Guides/Instructor ServicesSeasonal/Weekly RentalsTrucks, Campers, Trailers, Cars For SaleRide Share
In Search OfLooking For Ski Buddies
Ski Club Trips Open To ReadersVintage equipment, collectibles, antiques


  1. Dwight Johnson says:

    Great idea…like all the topics…do it.

  2. I like the idea. Perhaps you can categorize it for specific regions so people can easily find rentals in a specific area, etc.

  3. Jody Warfield says:

    Love the idea. To encourage skiing amongst single/widowed seniors, maybe the “looking for ski buddies” category should be free or discounted.

  4. The categories are fine and I agree with Renee’s suggestion.

  5. I like the idea! I am always looking for a buddy to ski with in my age group.

  6. Lee Hall Delfausse says:

    This sounds like a community builder. Go for it.

  7. Lee Hall Delfausse says:

    Wow, what a great community builder.
    Definitely do it.

  8. Jake Costa says:

    Great idea.
    Senior equipment, lift ticket deals, etc.
    Love it.

  9. Fred Pirie says:

    Get rid of the cars and trucks for sale and the non winter gear. This is senior skiing. Not want as digest. Otherwise great idea as long as you have no liability in any thing presented

  10. Keith Egan says:

    Great idea and support Renee’s idea.

  11. Sounds like a great idea to me

  12. Great idea. What won’t you think of next. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

  13. Dave Irons says:

    Great idea. Look for ads for my ski history books.

  14. Richard Goode says:

    Agree that this is a good idea .

  15. Cathy Robbins says:

    Great idea. Love the ‘regional’ suggestion on items for sale and the ‘free ski buddies’ classification as a great way to build community and keep all of us skiing longer. It’s definitely more fun to go with a friend.

  16. Joan Wallen says:

    Good idea. I like Renee’s idea of regionalizing it.

  17. Tom Weller says:

    Give it a try. Ski buddies, ski equipment

  18. cansnowplow says:

    I like latitude/longitude coordinates as a way to regionalize an ad. I personally do not like to ski below the 45th parallel. Longitude would become the regional value rather than state or zipcode. Taking it to the degree and minute would become very local: 69.1 miles for a whole latitude degree; 53.5 miles for each degree longitude when on the 45th.

    • I like to think I’ve been moderately tech-savvy since 1995 but I’ve never found occasion to use gps coordinates for anything, so, though I may be aware of the horse latitudes and the 45th parallel, I’ve never really adapted my thinking process to gps coordinates. However, I like to think I’m geographically literate.

    • Disappointed to think of what people miss who won’t ski less than the 45th latitude. I grew up skiing at Mount Bachelor in Oregon, it is still my favorite spot! I actually had no clue what latitude it was until I looked it up just now – – 44°! Come ski here— you might love it, too!!

  19. Bob Margulis says:

    Maybe a (free—since no one is making money on it) place to post ski town home exchanges.

  20. If you’re going to do vehi les, please asd motorcycles. Also, longitude and latitude are pretty useless to most people.

  21. Diane E Poulin says:

    Leave out the non winter sports gear, the Electronics and the cars, trucks, campers, trailers. I also like the suggestion to try to do it by region.

  22. Good idea, as a separate section. Please keep ads, reminders of ads, pointers to ads, or other such clutter in your side bar area.

  23. Edward Cohen says:

    Long and lat useless for most people. Naming a specific ski area will be more efficient at finding someone who is interested in going there.

    Like ski condo/housing exchange.

  24. Bruce Lund says:

    At first, I thought it would be a good idea but now I have second thoughts. I’m afraid you would be letting yourself in for more trouble than it would e worth .

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Bruce: What’s your vision of what might happen?

      • Bruce Lund says:

        Michael: They have to be careful to protect themselves from any legal or public relations liability that mat may occur through any of their offerings. For example: if a member purchases a used set of skis from another member, has an accident, and then charges that the bindings were defective, both a legal and PR problem could occur, all reflective on the organization.

  25. Craig Scott says:

    Yes. A good reader benefit.Bound to attract more eyes.

  26. Constantine Siversky says:

    Good idea

  27. Like the idea. I’d leave out the non-Sport related items., Winter and summer sport equipment would be nice.
    Also, Identification by region .. N. H, ME, VT, MA etc would be more helpful.
    Keep the great ideas!

  28. John Walkowiak says:

    This sounds like a great idea, but I have never heard of charging for placing an online ad with a forum one belongs to. I think a charge will discourage folks from placing ads. While free ads might well encourage people to join SS!

  29. Guy Bérubé says:

    Good idea. Identifying the state or province will be important. In some cases the exchange USA-Canada may be a problem, but at other times it is simply a question of distance, I live in Québec, 20 miles from Vermont, but 2,500 miles from BC.

  30. Hollace Widdowfield says:

    Sure, why not? I probably will not post on it, but I would read it.

  31. Great I idea, maybe a sub group for Masters Racers info / drop in single lodging/ Training / equip? Not sure why so specific, but you asked for suggestions. Also at least 4-5 general Geographic locations,

  32. Bernard Smith says:

    Telemark skis, boots bindings. Tele is still alive & well 🙂

  33. Ski related items only, or seasonal gear such as watercraft. I like the idea of ski buddies over 50. Why not there is a group for over seventy.

  34. Marlene Gifford says:

    Great Idea. For each of the main headings(Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, etc.)
    maybe an option to search more specifically such as as ski boots, skis, boot bags, etc. Otherwise, what a great idea.

  35. Would love to be able to be able to coordinate trips with ski buddies!

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