Fad Or Fabulous? Does The Cannibis Derivative Work For You?

Getting high is not the point of CBD.

We are curious about the emergence of CBD as a medicinal potion for a variety of ailments. Surely, we bet most of you remember the furtive days with Mary Jane back in college. Actually, let’s not go there.

CBD is different.  Cannabidiol or CBD has rapidly become the celebrity ointment or additive for everything from sore joints to anxiety. Although CBD has been around for over 70 years, it’s only in the past three or four years that it has a become ubiquitous on the retail market.

Our question for you. Have you tried CBD? What condition were you using it for? How has it worked out? Would you recommend it?



  1. At 74, I have a torn rotator cuff that I have had to deal with while skiing and doing the only other sport I enjoy – golf. For skiing, I had to purchase a telescoping hiking pole so that my arm does not lift its normal height continuously and thus tire the arm out. I couple this rather ridiculously looking preventative with the use of CBD on the shoulder/upper arm. It helps but only lasts for about 3-4 hours, great for playing golf but not for skiing. I add Tukuhon pain patches and Advil and can make it through a whole ski day and do the same the following day. Just the way it is at my age.

  2. Donald R MacKay says:

    Eye dropper under the tongue in the morning. Within the hour my 80 year old aches and pains are gone and I am off to work at my fitness center.

  3. Hollace Widdowfield says:

    I use a very low dose of CBD/Indica right before I go to sleep. I sleep better and many of my aches and pains are gone. I also use a CBD salve when I have a sore muscle and it definitely helps. It is very greasy though.

  4. Yvette Cardozo says:

    Greg…after 30 years of pain in my right shoulder, zilch help from physical therapy and years of tylenol, etc., I have up and had rotator cuff surgery. A few months of physical therapy and that shoulder is now 110%. Then the left shoulder went, same surgery and now it’s completely fixed also. As for my back, that’s another story from an old sledding injury. The surgery would involve a lot of titanium, a year of rehab, probably months in a rehab facility (with covid everywhere). So I CBD balm really helps (along with trigger point injections I just had which are amazing.

  5. Ellin Jaffe says:

    It’s definitely helpful for aches and pains in any form – gummies, oil, salve. It helps my shoulder pain disappear within minutes. Experimenting with the best form of CBD for pain is individual. My husband uses salve for back pain all the time and it has been a panacea for him.

  6. Michael Heiman says:

    Not sure about over the counter non-regulated CBD but I find the licensed 1:1 THC:CBD mixture (I use the cream) helpful. I use is sparingly about once a week as needed. It should be available in states with medical marijuana programs and it does not appear have any effect on my mental state (other than the value of pain relief). Good for a few hours and superior to previous prescribed pain relief. Consult with a licensed pain relief doctor.
    In my case, applying over-the-counter Biofreeze prior to THC:CBD cream first helps with the cream adsorption and provides extra relief.

  7. Been using a “Hemp Oil” rub for about 2 years now, supposedly no CBD. It has really worked well when aches and pains exist or are anticipated. It even smells good.

  8. Gary Lawson says:

    I tried CBD oil from a highly rated, 3rd-party tested, online provider for sciatic pain in my hip. I used two vials of tincture as well a small jar of topical balm. Both provided a slight amount of relief, but not much. I was hoping for more. And it was fairly expensive. Three over-the-counter Ibuprofen tablets were more effective. I haven’t reordered.

    CBD did seem to help me fall asleep a little easier when I was hurting.
    Physical therapy and ongoing stretching exercises eventually eliminated the sciatica problem.

  9. James Stangl says:

    I thought about trying CBD for back pain last Fall. Then I read more about it from The Medical Letter, which I use for continuing medical ed and keeping up with new drugs (I’m an MD). Bottom line, since CBD products aren’t regulated by the FDA, they vary widely in their purity (CBD vs. THC content), concentration, and may or may not have pesticide residue.

    Not to be a buzz-kill (pun intended), but I personally don’t need to be getting THC or other stuff along with CBD. Others may feel differently.

  10. Tom Lott Lott says:

    Age: 73. Screw in right shoulder jumping in 1972 (Heavenly Valley) plus sailboat racing. To fix multiple dislocations. Lost my ACL skiing Park City 2018. Hip replacement 2019. Currently recovering from achilles repair 2020. I’ve tried everything! CBD helps a bit, but the best thing for my golf/ski/fly fishing is working out, stretching and Ibuprofen. Old fashioned I know.

  11. I had a knee replacement, and it turns out I was allergic to Opiods/pain relievers; it gave me hives, which in my estimation was worse than the pain. (Imagine bugs crawling under your skin, that’s what hives were like for me.) So the only thing that helped with pain and sleep during recovery were the CBD gummies brought to me by a friend who’s a dentist.
    I’m a believer in thc/CBD. Then I lived in Oregon, now in Wyoming where it’s unfortunately illegal.

  12. My beat up 66 year old knees used to be worn out after 3 days of skiing in a row. They hurt too much to ski and would hurt for days after. I started using CBD lotion on them each day after skiing. Last year we had a fun 8 day road ski trip where we skied each day at a new location in New England. No pain during or after. I think Advil and CBD is the great way to ease your knee pain. For muscle/lactic acid pain, I find Epsom Salt Gel works great.

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