It’s important for seniors to connect during these difficult times. Because we have a large list of senior readers, we are contemplating turning a portion of into a forum for our readers.  We’re going to ask some questions that you can respond to in the Reply Box below each question. Hopefully, others will respond and we can create a dialogue.  This is an experiment in connecting readers to each other.

What outdoor activities are you doing these days?

Please respond in the Reply Box below.


  1. kenneth a soule says:

    I returned to work at the golf course I live on. I cut the greens and my dog runs the course,chases the geese off if they land.

  2. Gary T Urquhart says:

    Hiking and yard work.

  3. I am hiking every day

  4. new roof, chimney cap, power wash patio and walkways, deweed hillside, cut down two small trees, tear down two window awnings, prepare boat for trout season, go pike fishing, walk 3 miles a day,

  5. Al Rosanes says:

    Wki g my dog and some lite yard work.

  6. Mark Cohen says:

    Biking season came early. Expected to ski until April. Bike paths are clear here and just need to dress appropriately.
    Bike in a.m. and hike/Walk after lunch. Trying not to go nuts

  7. Don Matheson says:

    I am currently self isolating. So do a little tai chi and planning to clean out the garage of the winter mess. Put up a driving net in the garage and pretend my game improved over the winter.

  8. Philip Brencher says:

    Hiking, home repair and, starting this weekend, biking. I also dusted off some old free weights and have started lifting at home.

  9. Ralph Noidne says:

    XC skiing and hiking part way up the mountain for one run.

  10. Elliot Holar says:

    Walking and biking – spring weather is taking over so that is a consolation. Walking too, of course, as the cherry blossoms are leading the way into our most beautiful season here in the DC area.

  11. Hiking. Finished income tax return. Replacing two bird feeders that a bear tore down.

  12. Donald MacKay says:

    Training for kayaking and biking.

  13. Norm Reynolds says:

    Damn little. There’s a mesa behind our house with good trails, but not until it dries up. It takes a half hour to get the mud out of the tread of our shoes if we go now.

  14. Eric Lunan says:

    Snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, walking. Late March and April are fantastic times for exploring the nearby mountains. Finally I have time to organize all my photos from the winter. As the snow goes, hiking and biking will resume. All can be done alone or with small groups.

  15. Ed Schultz says:

    Self isolating but walking, washing windows, and cleaning boat gear.

  16. Walking, and given the crazy NE winter, an early start on gardening. Of course I also have a few domestic chores as my wife is recovering from a broken hip.

  17. Mountain Biking when the trails are decent. Otherwise hiking.

  18. Carol Feinberg says:

    Walking my dog through very deep, new snow. Shoveling and running my snow blower. Yoga at home. Hoping to go backcountry soon.

  19. John Whittaker says:

    Walking and starting to get geared up for readying the sailboat for the summer.

  20. Nancy Pitstick says:

    Hiking, walking, biking, oh and yard work (ugh!).

  21. WORK ( a 4 letter word for sure)! Bad golf, casual urban biking, yard work and house renovation items (this house is older than I am!). Keep the dogs and most importantly the wife happy.

  22. Carlan Silha says:

    Still at the top of a mountain so snow shoeing, back country touring and taking long walks on the still solid ski runs.

  23. Kathy Clarke says:

    We have been sheltering in place by order of our mayor here in San Francisco Since Monday.. You can go outside to exercise. I am trying to walk in a different area of the every day. I also have set up a make shift gym in my guest room

  24. Peter Shumsky says:

    Walking dogs. Switching car ski rack to kayak roof rack. Since there is still a lot of cold snow run off very important to wear pfd , even with flat water paddling. Easy to social distance while having social interaction.

  25. Here in California. Snow in the locals for the last 3 weeks and they are closed. My workout gym is closed. I’m finding construction jobs at the house and doing a 4 mile walk daily,

  26. Larry McDonald says:

    Historical research here in one of Colorado’s virus hotbeds, Gunnison. Must not have learned much from 1918, as Gunnison was an “escape community” back then with 0 deaths during the first two waves, and just a few during the 3rd deadly wave. Just Google Gunnison flu 1918. Plenty of historic cemeteries and ghost towns around here to see the impact it had back then. Enjoying watching old Western’s more than ever now! Surprising number of episodes of old TV series touch on epidemics back then.

  27. George Blakeley says:

    Lots of walking, a little tennis on the outdoor courts when the weather allows, other than that self isolating and becoming a couch potato.

    • George Blakeley says:

      what does it mean my comment is awaiting moderation ?

      • Michael Maginn says:

        Sometimes we get comments that have to be approved. No rhyme or reason. We do our best to click approve them asap.
        Thanks George for hanging with us. MDM

  28. Walking and riding my motorcycle.

  29. Skiing till the end of May. Some ski areas are still open. But if they all close, there’s always skinning up the mountain using alpine touring (randonee) gear.
    After May, when the snow melts, I’ll do some bicycling and hiking.

  30. Brian Webber says:

    Walking and waiting for snow to leave bike paths.

  31. Cathy Meyer says:

    Walking and biking to the grocery store in between rainstorms here in Indiana. Looking forward to kayaking. Getting a lot of housecleaning done.

  32. There are still groomed XC trails here in Montana. Hope to do some more of that, also walk every day, gather in some natural Vitamin D. Best to all!

  33. Jack Murray says:

    Lying in bed recovering from knee revision

  34. marc liebman says:

    Walking! I’m up to about 3.5 miles every other day. Goal is six, every day.

  35. Walking. Biking as soon as the weather improves.

  36. Terri Burton-Wire says:

    Getting out and walking my dog for rehab after her knee surgery. I’m also running and biking whenever the midwestern weather permits.

  37. Rick Morris says:

    After 14 days of self quarantine will be on the Mountain Bike, on the golf course or in the surf.
    Also with the grandkids, trampoline, skateboard, football, all of the above & anything else involving movement

  38. Tim Russell says:

    New York is on a shelter in but l have the good fortune to live in the country on 30 acres so walks in the woods will pass the time along with some good books and piano practice.

  39. Kevin Toolan says:

    Down in Florida now, left Vermont. Have been golfing, fishing and walking. But it’s gotten crazy here like everywhere else. Most things are closing. Stay safe everyone!

  40. I WAS going to the gym. Now am waiting for the weather to improve enough to cycle outdoors.

  41. Hiking, yard cleanup and I may start a garden. I tried a garden 15 years ago and gave up because I never realized how much physical labor goes into a garden. Now, with the gyms closed and nowhere to exercise, I may as well do some physical work gardening (and maybe even get a few vegetables, too)!

  42. Hiking and riding horses, weather permitting. Hoping I can have my (second) knee replacement surgery, scheduled April 27th. I understand that probably won’t happen, as medical supplies and personnel are needed for more immediate concerns AND the risk of being in a hospital environment.

  43. Still skiing. Still mountain biking

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