Seeking Your Insights Again.

Last week, we experimented with asking questions about how you are coping with the pandemic. Your response was overwhelming.  This week, we’re going to ask again.  This time, we seek your advice about a more practical matter. Let’s try connecting again.

If you’re buying a pass for next season, which one are you buying? Why? If not buying, why not?

Please respond in the Reply Box below.


  1. Season pass at Powderhorn $29 and probably at Loveland $99. Over 80 so I will ski free at Wolf Creek and Monarch. Can and may ski free at Purgatory and Telluride.

  2. Ikon. But am waiting to see how soon coronavirus crisis will subside

  3. Jody Warfield says:

    Definitely buying, but not sure which one. I’m a loyal Epic girl, but my “ski team” (local friends) want to try Steamboat next year, which is Ikon. Might get both as my son (and best ski buddy) goes to college in the fall (I hope) so I’ll have more time and might have to go to other new places to ski with him.

  4. Epic Northeast Midweek Pass
    Not that I love the folks at Vail, but after they bought Peaks, this pass seems the best option. Not a bad deal for locals.

  5. Vail. because my son ,daughter in law ,and grand kids moved from S.F. to 10 minutes from Stowe resort. I can now ski both coasts on one pass.

  6. Alyce Perez says:

    Buying both an Epic and Icon local pass. I have a house at Mount Snow, Vermont and my brother has a house at Copper Mountain. I ski over 70 days a year so it is well worth it. On the other hand, I believe both Epic and Icon should give us some discount on next year’s passes since they closed early. I probably lost 30 ski days.

  7. David Grady says:

    Epic Summit Value and Copper Mountain.

  8. Epic local pass at Park City. My son and family live there. Easy decision.

  9. Ikon, but will wait until the early bird death line to see if there will be a further discount. Mont-Tremblant stated on their blog that a compensation is under study.

  10. I will support local areas that have a discount for age.

  11. David Orlinsky says:

    Epic. I live at Vail.

    • Natalie Nussbaum says:

      Are you by any chance the David Orlinsky that was at the University of Chicago and taught such courses as The Psychology of Love. If so, you must be quite old, but perhaps you are a relative?

  12. Epic Military(Ret)…a no-brainer!

  13. John Rooney says:

    Bought the IKON & EPIC pass for next season

  14. Peter Doucette says:

    Yes, have already bought my season pass at my local area near Toronto. More interestingly am wondering if the threat of COVID-19 becoming a seasonal disease proves correct, will cause the single chair replacing the double/quad chair, gondolas being limited to 10 people even if capacity is greater or lift lines will require 6 feet of separation? Even more importantly am wondering if senior skiers are going to keep skiing if COVID-19 does prove to be seasonal and, like the current flu vaccine, no vaccine that provides 100% immunity to COVID-19 is able to be developed and seniors remain the highest risk group to be effected by COVID-19.

  15. Howard Geller says:

    Bought the Epic Northeast Value pass and will be buying a Wachussett season pass since I live in Massachusetts – for now.

  16. Thomas Powers says:

    Killington season pass because we live here. Epic local because we will visit Vail and Lake Tahoe next spring.

  17. We will definitely renew our Loveland $99 Senior passes, but not sure yet about IKON. We did not get to use our IKON passes at all this year. The Loveland pass has lots of three-day reciprocals at a lot of smaller areas, which we are finding we prefer to the big mega-resorts.

  18. Everett E Bedenbaugh says:

    Epic to ski Beaver Creek
    IKON to ski Big Sky & Snowshoe
    Sugar Mt. Senior Pass (free)


    I will buy an Epic pass but I will wait until Vail decides how to deal with last year’s pass holders. Vail’s recent email leads me to believe that some concessions will be made.

  20. I ski local anymore already bought my combo pass for 49° North and Silver Mountain ID. That gives me 12 chairs, a gondi and a lot of terrain. Also gives some free or deep discounts on other areas in the region. With 6 areas within day range, why go anywhere?

  21. I’m still on the fence because I was very disappointed in the ski resorts’ responses to the COVID-19 disease. In my opinion, the United States, being engaged in a global economy (and, to a lessor extent, a global community), indicates that pandemics of the sort we are now experiencing may become more frequent. And I resent that resort management arbitrarily “shut down” my favorite form of recreation. So, to prevent this from affecting me in the future, I’m thinking of investing in back country equipment so I can continue to ski and enjoy the mountains as I have been doing for the last 45 years, regardless of other’s reactions to issues like this.

  22. Both IKON and Epic. My wonderful non-skiing wife has suggested both passes since the IKON pass came out. Who I am to question her judgment!

    I never used the Epic pass this year and didn’t get to use the IKON pass as much as I planned.

  23. Ed Schultz says:

    I will not be buying Ikon, Epic, etc but a local pass. I live in Western NY and don’t travel much to Western resorts or New England. I previously visited New England once or twice but now Epic and Ikon have priced me out even for the local or multiple days pass. So I’ll stick to skiing NY and western Pa.. I skied 15 times this season, which isn’t a lot, but only spent $500. I’m 76 years old.
    And with all due respect to Tom K. saving lives especially in our age bracket is more important than skiing. We can work around the possibility of corona being seasonal. We skiers survived the snowboard influx. I believe the resorts did the correct response. They may have saved lives. Ed

    • Yes, Ed, saving lives is important. However, I balance that with the memories of my last turns in a soft and forgiving mogul field on a sunny spring day in May, memories which sustain me throughout the long, hot summer days here in Utah. And if I die during that summer hiatus, I would hope to have those memories in my head as I lie on my deathbed, rather than memories of having to “shelter in place” over some perceived threat to my life.

  24. I will get an Epic pass as well as a Wolf Creek pass for 70+ skiers. Our 2 local mountains nearby are in the Epic Pass. My son lives in Pagosa and this year we spent more in day tickets than if we had purchased a Wolf Creek pass. It is always a toss up. I hope I am there enough to pay for the pass.

  25. Roberto Tovar says:

    I will buy an Ikon Pass, since Mammoth Mountain is my home ski area. Even with a shortened ski season, I got my moneys worth of ski days.

  26. Scott Manchester says:

    I will be buying a midweek pass at Sugar Bowl here in California. It is the closest major resort to where I live and at $319 this season it was a great deal. I only ski once a week but got in 11 days before they closed early this season.

  27. Carol Pierce says:

    Buying a 5 day pass at Sugarbush for $119. Husband (over 80) gets 7 days for $129.00. I will get 7 day pass at Mad River Glen at Shareholder price for $149. Husband will ski for free. We will both get 7 passes at Bolton Valley for $39.00 per. Several other deals in Vermont. As of now we are sticking close to home here in the Mad River Valley, Vermont.

  28. I purchased a mid week senior pass for Okemo in Vermont before the COVID 19 changed everything. OKEMO has always been my main mountain. The variety of trails, the consistently good conditions and the ski in ski out condo I use, make it a skiers paradise.

  29. Oops, Vail Corp changed the name of my Okemo pass to the NorthEast Value Pass.

  30. Paul Remillard says:

    I bought the Northeast value pass for the senior price of $449. I’ve also purchased a set of skins so I can continue to earn some turns till the snow has melted.

  31. Considered Ikon but too much uncertainty, especially including with my sons and our annual trip together. Hence no pass this year.

  32. Esteban E Sarmiento says:

    I will support local resorts that give an age discount. I will boycott the greedy mega resort merchants who refuse to give seniors fair discounts EPIC and IKON pass included.

  33. Steve Draper says:

    I bought the EPIC NE Value pass. I am looking mostly to Mt Snow and Okemo. I teach at Wisp in Md, which gives me access to Ragged in NH and Wintergreen in VA. With all the other access via the Epic pass that is too many places to ski ! I am looking forward to the 20 – 21 season !

  34. Kevin Toolan says:

    Epic local pass at Okemo

  35. I’ll be buying a pass for my usual local resort, but like others have said, I’m going to wait a bit even if it costs a bit more, and see what is going to happen once the pandemic becomes under control. While I didn’t have a problem with the hill shutting down, I do sort of resent that no consideration was given to “compensating” current pass owners for the loss of several weeks of probably the best skiing of the season. I also had a trip to France cancelled and am still in the process of sorting some sort of compensation for that, so the virus had a pretty big impact on my skiing plans this season.

  36. Dan Anderson says:

    Bogus Basin, local.

    • Dan – where you as disappointed as I was when they shut BB down? This time of year you can ride a lift solo and not create long lines. I think it’s an excuse to mitigate losses in the predictably slow season and blame it on the China virus which may well come back again next season thus curtailing another season early. Close the lodges but let those chairs spin. I get the economics but Bogus is non-profit. I call BS!

  37. Cristina Staats says:

    I have renewed my Epic 65+ pass for next year. The cost is reasonable. It is limited to Breckridge and Keystone. There is a lifetime of skiing in those two places to last me / challenge me/ keep me happy. I do not feel the need for anything else at this time.

  38. I renewed my Ikon base and Epic Local (Park City) passes. Even with the shortened season and my primary residence being in southern Utah, I had enough skiing this season to make it worth having both passes. Since I won’t be able to have my scheduled and-of-season knee replacement, I’ll just hope I can make it through another season on my disintegrating knee…

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