What’s Your Routine?

From our reader surveys, we know that our audience is interested in fitness and a variety of outdoor activities as a regular element of their lifestyles. Tennis, hiking, cycling, golf, kayaking, running are some of the top choices, however, we do have some equestrians, sailors, fishers, and weightlifters out there, among a bunch of other miscellaneous sports and exercises.

During these unprecedented times, we’re wondering how COVD-19 has affected your fitness regime. What have you stopped doing because of the virus threat? What have you started? What has helped you get moving (apps, online communities, family, Zoom, etc.)?

So here’s our Question For You:

How has the virus changed your usual fitness habits over the past two and a half months?

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  1. Bruce Coffin says:

    Bicycling daily 8-14 miles

  2. David P Prince says:

    Not able to do my usual circuit training. Usually once a week in ski season, twice a week otherwise. Still biking, but need my circuit.

  3. Nordic walking with poles in the neighborhood and on a forested trail. Also bike riding and regular walking. Trying to make it a daily thing.

  4. Gary T Urquhart says:

    Instead of the gym I use a set of resistance tubes in my home. Not quite the gym but still a reasonable strength workout.

  5. Improved bike riding, less cars on the road so I feel a lot better about road riding. Do see more riders, which is a good thing.
    Hiking has become less enjoyable, all of a sudden everyone has to go. Even the local trails become crowd magnets for out of towners.
    Walking has become more social, get to meet all the neighbors who have discovered how enjoyable taking a daily walk can be. Even though you have to talk from a distance, its still a chance to interact with others. Hope the walking trend keeps going after this mess is done with.

  6. My gym just reopened and it feels great to use the resistance training machines and free weights again after two months of going without them! I also have been going on hikes in the foothills of the western slopes of the Wasatch Mountains.

  7. Walking and Yoga daily, hill repeats on bike every 4th day, weightlifting or TRX every 4th day. All of this is within the confines of my house or .25 mile street I live on. What’s missing is a swim every 4th day. Don’t have a pool and do not plan to put one it. Not sure I’ll renew my gym membership now that we have installed TRX strap.

  8. Ed Schultz says:

    Tennis 3 times a week curtailed so more yoga and hiking. Sailing starting next week.

  9. Lots more ocean kayaking. Just hope a lot of people don’t plan to kill more time zooming around in motorboats, which ups our chances of getting run over. Always a risk but now more than usual. Early morning best. Enjoy your outdoor summer workouts!

  10. Kelli Majiros says:

    Since our gym has been closed I found some really difficult body weight exercises to do. Plus walking. Now that it’s getting nice, I’ve added bicycling and kayaking too. Still waiting for the pickleball courts to open.

  11. Same activities, walking, biking, hiking. But having to do them alone or just with my wife. And no social gathering after.

  12. Steve Boyer says:

    When we moved eastward from Seattle to Cascades foothills in 2014, we bought a house with enough space for a dedicated home gym. Really glad now, as the fitness routine has stayed largely the same. Weights and bands several times a week. Core exercises (body weight, medicine ball, stability ball) worked in. Balance stuff, especially on BOSU ball. Recumbent exercise bike 3-4 times. Walking outside, though our mountain trails were closed. Mix it up to keep it varied. Hope ski season happens in 2020-21.

  13. Not nearly as disciplined w Y closed. Walk at empty part of mall (away from Target obv) but forget the weights ( even tho I bought some dumb bells rt before shut down, also there are machines I use that would be too expensive and take too much room to have at home.

  14. During this shelter in place period (from March 14), instead of my usual workouts at the Y, I’ve walked 4-7 miles per day with weight circuits on alternate days. I look forward to being safely back in the gym, but this regular exercise will, I hope, keep me in shape for the coming ski season.

  15. Steve M. says:

    More running than before. The gym is closed so I’m making do with some lame free weights at home. Eating better from healthy food at home.

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