It’s Been Four Months. Where Are You On Your Fitness Plan?

The season ended abruptly for everyone in mid-March. One day, you were on the lift line at Killington, and, boom, next day you were heading home. Just like that.

We know that many of your resorted to picking up new activities.  With the gyms. pools, tennis, and golf clubs closed,  we and you were left to our own ingenuity. Everyone started walking. Some got into a yoga routine. Cycles came out when the weather cleared. All good.

Four months on, how’s it working out for you?  Our yoga routine stopped short when we pulled a muscle.  We know folks that got tired of walking the same three mile loop. So, here’s the question:

Please write your response in the Reply Box below:

Have you maintained a new Corona exercise routine? Have you gained/lost weight? Gained muscle mass? Flexibility? After four months, are you still doing what you started doing back in March? What’s changed?



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