Is Once A Week Too Much?

The co-publishers are curious about how our readership feels about our publishing schedule.  Currently, publishes a weekly edition from around the beginning of October to the end of April. We’ve heard from some readers that might be overkill. Others say, keep on keeping on. We have been struggling with the decisions.  Perhaps you can help.

How say you?

Please write your response in the Reply Box below.

Should consider shifting its publishing schedule to twice a month versus once a week during the snow season?


  1. Saxe Jeffrey says:

    Yes to 2 per month

  2. Dennis James says:

    I think you should keep the same schedule. I enjoy all the articles posted! Thank you for all the time spent writing them.

  3. Marilyn Palefsky says:

    Thank twice a month is better

  4. Sherman White says:

    Bi-weekly works fine for me. Hopefully, I’m too busy skiing to read it every week.

  5. Thomas Bunn says:

    Please continue or increase the current publication schedule. I look forward to this every week.

  6. Weekly is fine. Something to look forward to every week during ski season.

  7. I look forward to reading the articles every week.

  8. Benny Wax says:

    Twice a month more than adequate.

  9. John Barker. says:

    I like once a week during the ski season. Gives us some great information to talk about on the chair ride.How about you guys? Do you have enough time for once a week? How often do you ski in season?

  10. James Ellis says:

    Twice a month should cover the topics adequately.

  11. Robert Klawitter says:

    Twice a month sounds good.

  12. Michael Goldman says:

    Once a week during ski season. Once a month otherwise. I like the regional snow forecasts and an article listing where the good snow is every week would be great.

  13. F Michael Bannon says:

    Twice a month……but maybe increase the content a little. A compromise?

  14. David Solomon says:

    once a week

  15. Twice a month would be perfect.

  16. STEPHEN POST says:


  17. Twice a month is good for me and you’ll have a bit more free time to ski as well! Great read.

  18. Tom Uhlemann says:

    Twice a month.

  19. Stewart Kriss says:


  20. Paul Remillard says:

    Keep on with the weekly posting. With this epidemic around for the foreseeable future we will need any Info about new changes in the operation of ski areas. Your publication has done a great job of that in the past and I look forward to the same in the future.

  21. Joel christie monell says:

    2x per month is fine.

  22. Alan S Cort says:

    Bi-monthly is fine. Then you can use your “off” week to go skiing with Sherman White!

  23. K. Toolan says:

    I look forward to reading your articles every week, but if financial issues forced you to 2issues per month, I’d rather have that than no issues at all

  24. Robert Docherty says:

    Once a week.

  25. Steve Massee says:

    Would like to keep the weekly schedule. Always look forward to it.

  26. Steve Dunbar says:

    Once a week is fine with me…
    More gear reviews would be great… skis and boots especially

  27. Jack Gibson says:

    twice a month

  28. Phil Schlecht says:


  29. Once a week — if that’s too much reading… don’t read them!

  30. Twice a month sounds good to me.

  31. Richard Goode says:

    Twice a month

  32. Victor Polonski says:

    Please keep to your weekly schedule during the season. I look forward to it each week, especially with the variety of articles with unique insights into different facets of skiing.

  33. Your current schedule is fine. I also appreciate that you reduce frequency of emails to 1x/ month in the off season. Thanks.

  34. Roberto Tovar says:

    Two per month would be the right amount of issues.

  35. Twice a month would be fine for me, I always enjoy reading all the articles.

  36. Penny Nakamura says:

    I look forward to the weekly news letter, keep up the good work. So much fun to read short swings, and tips.


    Twice a month

  38. Bill Porpiglia says:

    Would prefer twice per month

  39. John Jacobi says:

    I think once every two weeks is good !

  40. I vote for twice a month. There is too much email because all sources can do it so cheaply. I make deliberative decisions and external input rarely has an influence.

  41. I would like it to remain once a week in ski season. Thank you.

  42. Tom Montelone says:

    Please continue your weekly posting. I appreciate and enjoy it very much.


    I’m for you keeping to your weekly posting. Although, I recognize that this probably presents challenges to you. I enjoy your posts and read them each week. But whatever you decide, I’ll remain a committed reader. Thank you.

  44. Richard D Parlow says:

    Weekly during the season seem about right.

  45. Edward Cohen says:

    I enjoy reading weekly, but appreciate that twice/mo would be less stress on you. I’m just happy to get the news and articles.

  46. Bruce Lund says:

    I enjoy the weekly newsletter but I do know that you face financial issues so do what you have to do!!!

  47. Weekly September through April. Otherwise once per month.

  48. Steve masse says:

    All I know is on hot sweaty nights, I LOVE reading your emails on SKIING!!

  49. John E Farley says:

    Once a week is good, but I would also publish it at least every two weeks during the “off season.”

  50. Michael T Pearson says:

    I would prefer maybe once every 2 weeks, but I don’t object to weekly.

  51. keith perlmutter says:

    being retired, i make time for the things that are important to me like reading your emails.
    I am OK with either weekly or biweekly as your work burden permits

  52. Eileen Fishkin says:

    I look forward to reading your articles and the news they contain. WEEKLY!

  53. Jim Joseph says:

    Every two weeks would be great!

  54. David Spencer says:

    Once a week is fine with me.

  55. I’m in the yes, weekly box. There is always something that I find interesting and useful.

  56. Steve Boyer says:

    I read at least a few articles in every issue you send. Publishing a newsletter is hard work. (I spent 15 years in newspapers.) if you’re up to doing it once a week, I’m more than up to reading it. Many thanks for all you do.

  57. Boyd Allen says:

    I enjoy reading it every week but happy to dial back to twice per month if it keeps you in business. Half a pie is better than none!

  58. John whittaker says:

    I like once a week because I can’t ski every day. I like the skiing fix from senior skiing. However if you need to go to twice a month for enough articles or due to costs I can accept that.

  59. Tom Verellen says:

    I like twice a month I receive way to many e-mails but really enjoy senior skiing. Thanks for publishing

  60. Twice monthly is just fine with me.

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