During This Pandemic, We Are Yearning For Those Fantastic Meals. Let’s Have Them Vicariously.

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St. Marcel, French Alps, three Michelin stars

Part of the fun of going on a ski vacation, a ski weekend, or even a day trip is eating out. Whether it’s a hamburger from a grill on a sun deck, magnificently pungent Chili from a cafeteria line, a crowded sit down restaurant on a mountain road that “everyone goes to”, or a luxurious, white table cloth, meal with wines and candles, these experiences are memorable and, we think, worth sharing.

What we are looking for this week are the places where you’ve dined at a ski resort or ski town that were totally terrific. Where was it? Mountain town or at a resort? What was the place like? Fancy schmancy? Or rustic and rugged? What kind of food? Pub grub? Gourmet? Have you been back? What made it so special that it stands out from countless other dining out experiences you’ve had in your snow sports career?

Breckenridge lunch deck. 0 Michelin stars.

What’s the most memorable dining-out experience you’ve had in a ski town or resort?

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    Harrison’s (Stowe, VT) — Food, atmosphere, pricing, staff, owners … Everything! Whether you’re around the bar, with the family or there with your significant other — It’s the place to be in Stowe!

  2. John Elmendorf says:

    On the slope La Chaumiere, in town Pierre Alexis Courmayeur. Go as soon as the area opens

  3. My favorite is the Minturn Country Club in Minturn Co. Its at the I 70 exit between Vail and Beaver Creek. Its not a real country club but just an old restaurant intown. Very informal and family friendly. The steaks are in a meat case and you pick one out to cook on the giant grill. If your the uppity type that insists that ” im not going to cook my own damn food” then you miss the fun of the place. Sometimes a magician walks around and does some tricks at the tables. Kids love it. The “Tator” for dessert is the best ever.

  4. Bruce Boeder says:

    In January 2002 my son and I spent a day at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. We had lunch in the Restaurant at the top of the mountain that I believe was called Eagles Nest. Great food and amazing views to the south way into the national parks stretching out as far as the eye could see. We still both think they were the best burgers ever.

    • Dave Chambers says:

      Agree Bruce that place is amazing perched as it is above river valleys way below. You can stay in the building overnight for many thousands of hard earned. Apparently they fly you in by helicopter.

  5. Phil Johnson says:

    For dinner, The Kandahar at the Whitefish (Big) Mountain Resort in Montana. For lunch, The Bavarian at Taos.

    • My husband and I love Kandahar. The sommelier there knew everything about the wines. The gourmet offerings were superb.

  6. Red Onion in Aspen, CO

    Dinner $2.50 skier’s special!

  7. Russ Whyman says:

    Down Stairs at Eric’s in Breckenridge, Co. A Garbage Pizza with a garlic, wheat crust is the best I have ever had.

  8. Bob Candelmo says:

    John Egan’s BIG WORLD Waitsfield, VT Gerry Nooney- Bernie Isabella
    Local carpenter and ski hero John Egan’s collaboration with Sugarbush’s
    Gerry Nooney, BIG WORLD was hands down one of the most memorable eateries in the Mad river Valley. Ski themed with John’s ski memorabilia collection and the local hard core riding community made this an exciting place to be, even if you had to wait forever to get a table because the delicious food coming out of the kitchen was cutting edge, locally sourced and inspired.

  9. A favorite of ours which has been closed for several years is Hemingway;s in Killington. The food and the atmosphere were lovely. I still remember the Potato Garlic Soup. It was located in an old house with vintage furnishings. I believe chef made appetizers to pass out free.
    The Old Bauernhaus Restaurant in Kimberley, BC, Canada has the best bread ever! The German food is delicious with a more natural orientation.

  10. Dave Chambers says:

    Gee I remember so many great restaurants I think my first story here was about one in Gressoney. So many great places to eat in the snow. The top of Aspen. Whitewater Ski Resort Cafe, in Canada regularly wins the best food in its category every year. One of the best in Australia is at the Guthega Hotel at Perisher Ski Resort. Just soup and a freshly baked roll sitting in the sun can take you to another place.

  11. Howard Milewski says:

    I’ve dined in a few of the restaurants already mentioned by others and agree to their assessments. I will also add The No Name Saloon & Windy Ridge in Park City, Pioneer Saloon in Sun Valley, and Pine Mountain Lodge at Mt Bachelor where I once had the best Yakisoba ever. But none come close in comparison to the parking lot at our home mountain when you set up the ‘barbie’ and grill dogs & burgers for your grandkids, their skiing friends and all the parents. It’s all about the skiing, family & friends!

  12. Paul Putman says:

    Soupcon in Crested Butte, CO is a prix fixe delight – absolutely delicious, always surprising, and in the smallest restaurant imaginable. Be sure to call ahead for reservations.

  13. Living in the Chicago area I enjoyed going up to the the UP of Michigan ( Hurley and Ironwood) to ski Powderhorn , Whitecap, and Indianhead. I enjoyed having dinner in the road houses outside of Hurley. I found the people to be very friendly. One year, I was sitting at the bar (this is what you do before being seated at your table) and talking with the owner. I mentioned that I was taking my family to Florida in March and he offered to let us use his home in Florida for our stay!!! The food was great and the ambiance fantastic!

  14. Roger Monty says:

    The “Calico”, in Wilson, Wyoming (on Teton Village Road between Jackson Hole ski resort and town of Jackson): This place started out in 1966, when the Jackson Hole ski area was brand new, as a quaintly grungy saloon/pizza joint in a ramshackle (but recently resurrected) 100-year-old former Mormon church, in the middle of nowhere… and over the years evolved into a classy, innovative, and always fun and enjoyable fine-dining establishment. The food (“creative” modern Amrerican, and/or traditional Italian) is always top-notch, the service friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere, unbeatable. Most of the seating is in the newer, much more spacious and comfy “add-on”, but to fully enjoy the colorful old-time ambiance, ask to dine in the bar – in the original old structure. You’ll LOVE it!

  15. Patty Randall says:

    When my husband and I retired we moved to a different ski resort every year and stayed a year at each location. We had a lot of great food, but the one that really stands out for on the mountain food was Deer Valley, Utah. Whether it was a walk up place, a coffee shop, or beautiful Lodge, the food and even the atmosphere we’re both perfect. The skin as well as the grooming we’re not

  16. Patty Randall says:

    Oops, that should have said: the skiing and Grooming we’re not half bad either

  17. Buffet lunch at Stein Ericsson lodge at Deer Valley. Quite an experience.

  18. MAY I give you three favorites in Jackson Hole? Since the pandemic, just the thought of these three restaurants make my mouth water, as we’ve been very Covid Careful, and have not gone out to eat in almost a year! So here goes, we love SNAKE RIVER GRILL, it’s a bit spendy, but have never had a bad meal there. We usually save SRG for special occassions like anniversary or birthdays. THE BLUE LION, yes it’s a tiny place, an old house, but they have the best lamb chops! And finally an oldie but goodie, we won’t go any other place for ribs, because Bubba’s is the best in all the west. Before pandemic they also had a fantastic salad bar, which I will miss, but the reason to go to BUBBA’s is for the ribs, both babyback and beef ribs are available. Go for the full rack, you will want leftovers for the next day!

  19. Robert Gagel says:

    The Hell Roaring Saloon and Eatery (https://hellroaringwhitefish.com) at Whitefish Mountain is a perennial favorite for our group of senior and middle-aged skiers. The restaurant sits slightly above the base and is packed every day. The food is straightforward bar fare, but the sandwiches and soups are a cut above. There is a daily sandwich, salad and soup special and in recent years the restaurant has been open for dinner. We enjoy it so much that sometimes we forget to return to the ski slope for the afternoon.

  20. stephen r MASSE says:

    well, a shout out for a NH eatery near Cannon mountain in Franconia, NH : Kates!…on Main St, nothing fancy, good food, great pizza, beer, warmth, no crowds, nice owners and a full size Darth Vader costume next to the gas hearth guarding over the place….there are more crowded places, but this one is new to us this year as the Crowded ones lose their appeal as I age and get sick of waits to get in and give some one money for food and beer!!

  21. Our favorite for lunch on the hill is Cloud 9 on Aspen Highlands.

  22. The Mangy Moose is a classic ski area bar and restaurant. Located at the base village of Jackson Hole Ski Area, I believe its the only original building from Jackson Hole Mountain early days. The modern ski village has been built around it. While best known as a bar and for the live music, the restaurant there is good to very good. At least its an authentic experience. And for me, the ambiance, history, building are at least as important as the quality of the food.

  23. Richard Jeltsch says:

    For eateries at the ski hill, Whitewater outside Nelson, BC wins in a landslide even over Snow Basin which is no slouch. The Ymir bowl is so good that for several visits I couldn’t talk myself into trying anything else; when I did, it turns out everything is that good!

  24. Richard Jeltsch says:

    For ski town restaurants(not on the ski hill), my vote goes to Tupelo Grill in Whitefish, MT. The shrimp and grits are a “destination entree”.

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