What’s On Your Agenda?

Last week, we noted that Warren Miller’s new movie Future Retro has hit the internet. For many, the premier of a Warren Miller film has been the starting gun of the season. Which got us to thinking about routines we have developed to start our own personal snow sports season. As we mentioned, perhaps it’s something like: Watch the Warren Miller movie, go to the ski show, get your gear cleaned up, visit the ski shop for a sharpening, watch the weather, etc.

Maybe you have a ritual that you follow every year. Buy a new hat or gloves? Put on snow tires? Start working out? Put away the summer toys? What is it? Share with your fellow senior snow sports enthusiasts.

How do you prepare for the upcoming winter snow sports season? Is there a set of activities you follow yearly? Something special you buy? Let us know.

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  1. I will admit I am a anomaly. At least that what my sister-in-law says. I do lite works outs daily and stretch,twice daily. First thing I do when I get up and last thing before I lay down for bed. I have been doing this stretching thing all of my life. I also stretch at the top of the run before I make my first run. I have found that it has help me avoid that first day kinks and soreness the first day. Been skiing since 1960. Even though I only ski no more than 4 hours and no black runs. Try it you may find it works.

  2. When I put away the sailboat I know it’s another new season. I get the skiis tuned, buy hand warmer packets, make sure I know where everything is located, boot bags, gloves, jacket’s etc. I do some yoga and this year read online about my local area covid-19 procedures. Here’s to a safe season.. Ed

  3. What I try to do is get in the best physical shape I can be by the end of December.Just the thought of skiing again is enough…. I don’t need anything else!!!

  4. I hike steep hills around Auburn,ca , it helps but still takes a dozen ski trips to get comfy. Hope we can all stay safe.

  5. Patti Farkas says:

    I buy our Southwest tickets from BWI to SLC in September and get our “ski free over 80” Alta passes as soon as they go on sale. Also make sure I get to ALL of my 3xweek yoga classes until takeoff in mid-January. Secure a dog-sitter for the 10 weeks of our trip and then we’re set!

  6. It all starts with ski dreams in September. Then, wall sits beginning in October followed by a November trip to browse at a local ski shop. Finally, starting in December, the almost daily weather reports for the Western Resorts.

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