What Snow Sports Stuff Do You Have On Your List?

He’s coming to town. What’s in his bag for you?

It’s not too late to write to Santa to request that single, elusive item you crave for your ski kit. What would make a nice present for you? A new knit hat? Expensively warm gloves? New boots?

Our own research into reader wants reveals that underwear and layers are at the top of the list. Gloves and goggles aren’t far behind. As are skis and boots.

Perhaps this year you want a cool handheld satellite phone or a rescue beacon. Or cell phone holders, buffalo fur socks, battery-powered foot warmers, a hot, new Go Pro, multi-tools for outback survivalists, boot dryers, beef jerky, the list goes on.

If you’ve been a good senior skier all year, Santa might bring you what you wish for. Tell us: What’s on your list?

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  1. Scott Jimmerson says:

    After 65 years of cold, hard boots, well, the leather ones weren’t that hard, I discovered a heated boot bag. WOW! What a treat.

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