An Electric Bike Offers A Friendly Boost To New Knees and Hips

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We all remember “With a Little Help from My Friends” by The Beatles.

My, how things have changed in the 48 years since its release, especially for those boomers who want to come back to the slopes after major surgery on hips and knees and rotator cuffs, among other parts.

Well, here’s some good news:

One of my friends is recovering from hip replacement surgery. His surgeon prescribed riding a bike for exercise, muscle rehabilitation and re- building confidence. How about skiing? Why not!

That’s where an electric bicycle is giving him the confidence to get back on the boards after major surgery. And go uphill at 20+ mph, or faster than your average quad lift!

At the New Hampshire ski area where my friend has spent many a winter, the electric bike with fat tires is ideal for going up the main road from the village to the lodge and beyond. Fat-tire bikes are now common for off-roading. One of the challenges of an electric bicycle design is to configure the entire frame, power and control system and accessories to be as light as possible. Lightness and controllability are among the advantages of the Polaris®eBike.

On unimproved trails and dirt roads, the fat-tire configuration gives my pal stability that helps build his confidence as he builds strength.

Advanced technology now available in electric bicycles is a major factor in getting my pal back on skis. In his case, the Polaris Gear Speed Technology features 8 gear speeds.

As the terrain rises, power kicks in—controllable with paddle shifters like a sports car— and “… a little help. . .” from the electric assist turns into up to fifty miles of riding.

How does he get a fifty mile ride? Polaris technology allows regeneration of the battery by braking and reverse pedaling. Active Trail Mode™ regenerates the bike’s battery during pedaling with automatic incline sensors to deliver power for uphill riding. Operation of this mode extends battery life. A four-hour charge can deliver fifty miles of performance.   Regeneration gives the rider unlimited power—my friend said his bum gave out before the bike needed to be re-charged.

As senior skiers, we’re all adopting new equipment, better outdoor clothing, improved diets and exercise routine.  With a little help from an eBike, we can take advantage of bike riding for fun and exercise.

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