Hot-Looking Helmet Channels F-15 Pilot Look.

I’ve written previously about the Osbe Proton Senior, a clever helmet with an integral visor which replaces goggles, providing an effective solution to the problem of foggy eyeglasses. Swiss-based CP raises the bar with their Italian-made Camurai, which adds some significant tweaks to the pivoting visor concept.

 Both helmets feature a visor that allows a small, controlled airflow through the inside, which keeps your lenses from fogging. To achieve this flow, the Osbe’s visor does not actually seal against either your face or the helmet. Generally this works very well, but I have found

CP Camurai is a full visor helmet that eliminates googles and makes you look like an F-15 pilot. Credit: Mike Conley
CP Camurai full visor helmet gives you that Top Gun aura.
Credit: Mike Conley

that occasionally fine snow can find its way inside and collect atop the foam “air-dam”. On the other hand, when closed, the CP visor’s foam seal lightly contacts your face and a rubber strip seals against the helmet at the top. Three small vents at the bottom edge of the visor allow air to circulate inside, and this does the trick. After an entire season in varying conditions, I never had the slightest fogging, nor did the smallest snowflake find its way inside. At the end of a long day wearing the Osbe I’ve sometimes felt a bit dry-eyed, perhaps from circulating air, but I have not noticed this happening with the CP.

 Like Osbe, CP offers a range of UV-filtering visors which can be quickly changed, but the CP has no small loose parts to risk losing when you do so. CP will soon be offering a full-range, photochromic visor, which should be nice. They make an extensive line of sunglasses that translates to excellent visor quality. I’ve been using a mirrored yellow visor which is great in flat light. As I’ve done with the Osbe, I stick with that one visor and use my clip-on shades on bright days. Both helmets feature a retainer strap; so, you have to option of leaving the visor off and using goggles.

 The CP is more of a three-season helmet than the Osbe with removable leather-covered ear-pads and far more venting, including 12 slots in front and on top that can be opened or closed with a slider as needed. Another nice extra is a knob in back to fine-tune the fit. The inmolded CP has a higher, domed profile and features a thick Coolmax-covered liner. I prefer the look of the Camurai; I felt the Osbe had a certain “bowling ball” look which brought back painful childhood comparisons to Charlie Brown.

 Both helmets are priced similarly – around $300 – which is reasonable considering the cost of a helmet and goggles purchased separately. The Camurai is available in a pricier carbon-fiber version if your wallet needs slimming. Visit CP/Fashion/At/Sports website  to see the full range of choices.  For a US dealer, try contacting: CP SPORTS NORTH AMERICA365 Sinclair Rd, PO Box 5968, Snowmass Village CO 81615, Phone:+1 970 710 9633

All you need is an aircraft carrier to complete the ensemble.

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