Resort management made the right call when they decided to close. That’s the opinion of more than 25% of the readers responding last week to the question asking how you felt about the season’s early end, whether you were done, and if you had more turns to make?

It was one of three questions we posed to get a general sense of how you felt about the impact of early closures due to COVID-19

I’m reporting on your responses to Question #1, the one in italics in the first paragraph above. See Mike’s separate report on your responses to Questions #2 and #3.

None of this is scientific, but it does reveal your overall concern for the well being of resort employees and the businesses relying on skiers as customers.

Many of you also commented that your ski plans were interrupted mid-trip. 

  • Monique and her husband landed in France for a Club Med ski vacation at Les Arcs, just as the European travel ban started. They caught an early flight home. Two days later all French resorts ceased operations. 
  • Ski club trip leader Cathy Meyer had 39 people signed up for a visit to Winter Park. Nine cancelled when they learned about COVID-19. The rest flew out only to learn the resort was closing. They all flew back home.
  • Ulf in Sweden wrote, “In Sweden the ski areas are still open and we have plenty of snow in the north, but in Norway the ski areas are shut down.” I just checked to see if that’s still the situation. It is.

Putting it all in perspective is this comment from Vail skier, David Orlinsky: “First year since retirement I didn’t ski my age. Definitively didn’t get enough but ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.’ “

In summary, most respondents understand why resorts chose to close and, despite the disappointment of a truncated season, are supportive,. 


  1. If the ski areas were not closed I would be there. If I were there I would be the one unlucky one and get the virus. Maybe end up in the nearest hospital or funeral home. Being older , sometimes things are for your own good.

  2. Does that mean 75% said management made the wrong decision by closing? Maybe I missed something in the article? Seems odd that the headline indicates approval when only 25% approve.

  3. How can you indicate that 25% of 100% is a majority in favor of closing resorts? Am I seeing a bias in favor of resort management? Or am I missing something?

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Tom, To clarify, 25% of reader responses indicated that resort management made the right call when they decided to close. There were no responses stating that the areas should have remained open. A total of 76 readers left comments on the the question. Twenty of those responses indicated resort management made the right decision to close. Nothing in the article suggests a majority, and there is no bias toward or against resort management; solely feedback on how readers responded. Jon

  4. I think the author is stating that 25% of the readers responded and this was the overall consensus.

  5. May I be a bit cynical? Here in Boise ID we have a low rate of infection and a predictably low visitor count at our local hill this time of year every year. Did they curtail the season to cut the usual revenue declines in the slow, end-season and use the latest Chinese Flu as an excuse? I was out today and Lowe’s was packed. What are my chances of contracting it by riding a chair lift? Don’t need to rent skis or go to the bar. Am I approaching .0000000001% unsafe?

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