“Here, There, & Every Where” Brings Out Pre-Season Inner Child.

As he did with so many things, Warren finds his own way to wax. Credit: Warren Miller Personal Archive
As he did with so many things, Warren finds his own way to wax. Credit: Warren Miller Personal Archive

Warren Miller has been bringing out my pre-season Inner Child since I was a kid in Troy, NY. Every Fall he presented and narrated his latest film to a full house. For me he conveyed an impossibly aspirational message: Make a life choice that will allow you to ski, whenever and where ever you choose.

Like others, my choices were different, and it wasn’t until later in life that I was able to follow his advice. Over the years I’ve met many people who decided early to spend their lives in the mountains. They chose to work where they lived. Until 57, I chose to live where I worked.

Which brings me to the latest edition in the annual procession of Miller films.

Here, There, & Every Where,” coincides with the release of Miller’s autobiography, Freedom Found, My Life Story (reviewed a few weeks ago on SeniorsSkiing.com). The book provides a loose plot line for the film, with two young guys reliving Warren and Ward Baker’s very early experience bumming around in a small teardrop trailer and enjoying the mountains.

The film starts with Warren, now 92, reminiscing on camera and over footage of his early days. He explains how, in 1946, after leaving the Navy, he and Ward met surfing in California. That summer he shot surfers with a wind-up 8mm camera. That winter they parked in Sun Valley’s lot and shot people on skis.

It “jump-started what I wanted to do with my life,” he explains. “It’s crazy how the whole thing happened. I couldn’t have orchestrated it.” These lines have typical Warren Miller delivery: after all these years, he seems genuinely surprised with his own life story.

For me and the 2000-plus people at the film’s premier in Salt Lake City, it all rang true. We sang Happy Birthday to this 92 year old ski film pioneer, which was streamed live.

We then entered a world of stunning beauty and of great ski and boarding scenes across the globe. Like all Miller films, this one presents a host of amusing mishaps and crazy stunts by those too young to drive.

Freestyler Jonny Moseley is the superb narrator with a style surprisingly similar to Warren’s classic delivery.

The enthusiastic Salt Lake audience was not as young as I anticipated. A company representative said audiences generally are in the 25-50 range. That said, I saw teenagers, entire families, and very generous representation of those in their 60s and 70s.

Here, There, & Every Where is touring the country and should not be missed. Link here for trailer and schedule.

This is a Warren Miller production at its best. If you ski or board, see it. If you’ve retired from snow, it may be enough to get you out there again.

Warren Miller and
Warren Miller and Ward Baker living the ski bum life. They went from surfing in the summer to Sun Valley’s parking lot in the winter, shooting movies along the way.  Credit: Warren Miller Personal Archive

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