New Site Pinpoints Lift Discount Deals For Seniors.

[Editor Note:  Last season, we published an article about Michael Warner’s website that summarized lift ticket deals for senior skiers at Tahoe area resorts.  This season, Michael is going national, publishing a new website—— that identifies season pass and lift ticket discounts for seniors at top resorts. Michael uses data from to select the top hundred or so resorts around the country, then digs in to identify season and lift ticket discounts for seniors.  Bear in mind, this is a first pass for Michael’s site.  It is a work in process.  You may find some inconsistencies or gaps, but, at, we think it’s a terrific start in giving senior skiers the information they need to find the discounts that we all know are out there.]

Former ski instructor Michael Warner is publishing a new site that pinpoints season and lift ticket discounts for seniors. He’s our friend!

In a survey recently posted on, saving money on equipment was important to only 7% of the seniors that responded. I can understand that few of us 65 and up skiers think much about too tight boots in August. However, I remember an earlier survey in SeniorsSkiing that asked: “How important to you are lift ticket prices?”, and 100% said “VERY.”

I started a website last year giving the lift ticket deals for senior Tahoe skiers. My research often revealed dramatic savings by purchasing a season pass. For instance, if you bought your ticket two or three days before arrival, the savings could be $20 to $40. That’s a nice savings for an infrequent, day-by-day skier, but serious senior skiers who hit the slopes seven days or more want deeper discounts.  For instance, if you are a SoCal senior and love Mammoth and ski 12 days this winter, the cost at the lift window is $1,272. But buying a senior season pass, good every day, all season is just $449.

On my new website, I have the top 90 ski areas in the US and Canada with their Adult and Senior Season Passes. Following are just a sampling of the best Senior Pass Deals.


  • Mammoth, June Mountain ­ 65­-79, $449
  • Heavenly Valley, Northstar, Kirkwood ­ $369 (no holidays)
  • Timberline ­ 65­-74 $369, 75+ free. Good at 10 other ski areas
  • Mt. Baker, Stevens Pass ­ 70+ $160
  • Sundance ­ 65+ $150
  • Grand Targhee ­ 65+ $459
  • Aspen’s 4 Areas ­ 70+ $459
  • Copper Mountain ­ 65+ $ 319
  • Crested Butte ­ 70+ $ 323
  • Whitefish 70+ Free
  • Taos ­ 65­79 $350
  • Angel Fire ­ 70+ Free


  • Jay Peak ­ 70+ $359
  • Smuggler ­ 70+ $70
  • Whiteface, Gore ­ 70+ $250
  • Saddleback ­ 70+ $200

The most important thing to get out of this article and is to check on the season passes NOW at where you are going to ski. The pass prices at most areas go up after September.

For the full list of Senior Ski Deals, please visit  Watch for lift ticket deals coming in November.

Happy trails. Watch those hot doggers and boarders.

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